Scarf Tying | How to Tie a Scarf

How to Tie a Scarf

Scarves are one of our favorite accessories. Versatile, flattering, forgiving, and with the power to define an entire outfit, scarves are just one of those timeless and wondrous accessories. There are so many different styles and kinds of scarves out there; there is certainly one for everyone’s closet. Worn mostly by women but also by men, unisex scarves have been around for ages as a timeless and classic go-to accessory. Regardless of personal style or even climate, there is always a scarf that will look good on you and enhance your overall look. Scarves come in so many colors, patterns, shapes, materials, and sizes. They can also have a varying number of embellishments, such as fringes or sequins.

Scarves are the perfect accessory and can work all year round. In the winter, choose from a huge variety of winter scarves, such as cashmere wraps, pashmina shawls, classic Scottish tartans, long wooly knit scarves, and shorter business-appropriate scarves. In colder temperatures, many of us are tempted to simply wrap ourselves with scarves to stay warm, making them less appealing for tying and styling in different ways. Nonetheless, winter scarves of all kinds can also be styled to achieve a certain look that adds to your snug winter outfit.

Scarves can also be worn in the warmer months. Lightweight and small scarves made from silk, cotton, and other light materials can be styled and worn in ways that will perfectly accessorize your outfit without overheating you. While square scarves are most common to tie and style, sarongs, and rectangular scarves are also great to get creative with and wear as a unique and stylish accessory. Because of their extra size, sarongs are especially fun to wear and add a tropical dimension to your outfit.

Stylish & Easy Ways to Tie a Scarf

Scarves keep us warm in the winter, colorful in the spring and summer, and trendy in the fall. In the winter months, wear a classic cashmere tartan scarf with a long wool coat and leather boots for a timeless and classic look that can be worn to the office or anywhere else. In the spring, match the mood by bringing out your light and colorful scarves. Brighten a monochrome outfit by wearing a colorful, patterned silk scarf that becomes the centerpiece of your spring look. Lightweight cotton and pastel light colors look and feel wonderful in the summer months.

Wear a white light cotton scarf with a women’s cotton tank top and some lightweight jeans for a stylish, laid-back, summer evening look. Bring out the silk scarves in the fall to wear with your favorite sweater dress and boots for a flawless look. Check out Lands’ End for more seasonal looks to match your favorite scarves.

Regardless of the kind of scarf you’re wearing with your outfit, the way you style and tie it can change the entire aesthetic of your outfit. If you want something clean and professional-looking to wear to the office, there is a way to tie your scarf to get that look. Going for a boho-chic vibe? The way you tie your scarf can give you that extra flirty flow to your outfit. Want your scarf to look appropriate for an event or a dinner? There’s definitely a scarf style that will look sophisticated and stylish. Looking for something trendy to spice up your low-key outfit? The right way to tie your scarf can take an otherwise flat outfit to a look that stands out. Many people aren’t consciously aware of the power tying and styling of your scarf can have over the overall look of an outfit. Here we have picked some of the most common and stylish ways to tie your scarf.

The Simple Loop

One of the most simple and classic ways to wear a scarf, the simple loop look is perfect for almost every occasion. This scarf style looks wonderful with a silk scarf and is appropriate for professional, formal, and casual occasions. This style looks great worn with a women’s dress. Fold the scarf in half lengthwise to create a loop on one end. Take the folded scarf and wrap it around your neck. Pull the loose ends of the scarf through the loop you’ve made and pull it tight so it knots around your neck. Once around your neck, you can adjust the tightness and fluff up the scarf for more volume and dimension. This way of wearing a scarf works great for both men and women and any kind of scarf.

The Preppy Necktie

Perfect for outfits where you are trying to make a subtle statement or add a sophisticated flair to your look, the preppy necktie way of styling and tying your scarf is reminiscent of old-school prep school looks that leave you feeling simply stunning. It is called the preppy necktie, after all. Drape the scarf around your neck so one end of the scarf is longer than the other. Loop the long end twice around your neck, and with the two ends, tie your scarf in a loose half-knot. This scarf style looks great with a women’s blouse.

The Classy Knot

As the name suggests, this way to style your scarf is classy and lends the perfect addition to a classic look. This knot works best with a square scarf, but it can also be done on rectangular scarves for a more asymmetrical look. Start by folding your scarf into a triangle, then keep folding a few more times until your scarf is in the shape of a long and skinny oblong. Place the scarf around your neck, tie one end in a knot, and then pull the other end through the knot. Sort of like wearing a tie, you can then adjust the knot to the length and look you want.

The Two-Sided Twist

Can’t decide which scarf to wear? No problem. Choose two of your favorite scarves that complement one another. Lay the two scarves back to back and simply loop them around your neck. Be sure to turn one part of the fabric so you can see both scarves.

The Rolled Loop

This fancy look almost mimics the look of a men’s tie, offering a more womanly look to this classic men’s accessory. This way of wearing your scarf can be formal and professional or casual. It’s also super easy to do, which makes it a great way to quickly dress up an outfit without too much time or effort. Simply loop the scarf once around your neck. Then take each scarf end and pull them up, over, and through the neck loop so they hang loosely below.

The Twisted Necklace

The twisted necklace scarf look is both an elegant and creative way to wear your scarf. This works best for a longer rectangular scarf made from a lightweight material like silk. Brink the scarf around your neck and make a knot. Then, bring the ends up around your neck and tie a knot where they meet in the back. If there is still scarf material left to tie, take the end again and loop them around to the front, wrapping them around the scarf if you’d like, and finish with a knot. This style doesn’t keep your neck very warm, but it does look like a cool twisted necklace.

The Cowl Neck

The cowl neck is a popular and very trendy way to wear a scarf. Perfect for fluffing up a cashmere scarf for some extra opulent luxury or puffing up a silky scarf to show off its colors and patterns. Drape your scarf around your neck with one end longer than the other. Taking the longer end of the scarf, wrap it loosely around your neck twice. Tuck in or tie the two ends. You will want to be able to wrap it at least twice to get the most volume from this style. Puff up and adjust the loops until you have the volume you like. This style looks particularly good with a sweater dress for the ultimate cozy-chic look.

These are some of the most fun and classic ways to style and tie your scarf collection. For some added guidance or tutorials, you can search for video tutorials that show how to tie a scarf. Enjoy wearing scarves all year round, as they are some of the best accessories to complete your favorite seasonal looks.


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