How to Throw a Virtual Pajama Party for Your Kids

How to Throw a Virtual Pajama Party for Your Kids

Looking back on our childhoods, we can all get a little nostalgic about slumber parties: eating too much pizza, watching movies, playing games, staying up way too late, and finally falling asleep on a friend's living room floor warm and snuggly inside of your sleeping bag. It's no wonder kids love pajama parties! Since many of us are staying home now more than ever, your kids may be itching to have an epic pajama party night with their friends.

The good news is you can make these dreams come true with some creativity and a strong WiFi connection. Read on for some tips on how to throw a successful virtual pajama party for your kids. You might even be inspired enough to throw on your own favorite comfy sleepwear and join the fun! 

Step One: Plan the Snacks and Activities

Food and fun are two of the cornerstones of a successful PJ party. Talk to your kids in advance about what type of activities they'll want to do with their pals. For a younger crowd, set up a scavenger hunt where they have to find certain items in the home and share them with the group once found. For older kids, you can coordinate a dance party - all you need is the tunes. And of course, movies are fun for any age. You'll want to agree on a movie that all of the attendees can easily access, so maybe pick a few options across different streaming platforms that you can include once you reach out to parents about the event. The idea is that you'll want all virtual guests to play the movie at the same time while kiddos can hang on the online video chat. There are also a ton of online game options that you can send via links to the attendees (just be sure to screen them first to ensure they're age-appropriate). For snacks, choose easy options like popcorn and pizza delivery, so all attendees can plan to have similar snacks lined up. 

Step One: Send a Virtual Invite 

The pajama party excitement truly starts the minute invites are sent and received. This is still true for a virtual slumber party, so step one of having a successful event is making the invitations. If you want to go old school, send actual invites in the mail. Just be sure to include "Online" or "Virtual" under "Where." You can also send the invites via email, using a platform that allows you to create and send ecards. Sending invites virtually allows you to get in the digital mindset for the event. Whether you send invites in the mail or online, make sure you include information about how to access the virtual event and any fun updates about the party theme and activities. Since it'll be up to each attendee to set up a mini party of their own, it'll be essential that party guests and their parents have all the info they need. 

Step Two: Coordinate Directly With the Parents

While the invites will include most of the information about the event, it'll be key to also coordinate directly with the parents. Since the kiddos will only be thinking about which PJs to wear and how much popcorn they'll be eating, it's up to the parents to handle the logistics. The difference between hosting a pajama party in person and virtually is that with a virtual event, it'll be up to each parent to set up the snacks, activities, and of course, get the laptop all set up. Start an email thread with the other parents to share the information and video conference call link. Having an email thread with everyone will help to streamline your plan in case different parents have similar questions or ideas. Pro tip: be sure to use a video conference platform that doesn't have a time limit so the party won't be cut short!

Step Four: Pick the Perfect PJs

Pajamas are what separate a pajama party from a regular party. Stepping into the right pair of PJs can make a slumber party feel positively dreamy for your kiddos. Whether you're looking for girls’ pajamas or boys’ pajamas, the key is finding a pair that's equally comfy and festive. Plush fleece pajamas in a fun pattern like rainbow unicorns or a glow in the dark pajama set are just a few of the options that'll get your kids ready to party. Since PJ parties are such special events, you'll want to go all out and complete the look with slippers and robes. 

Now that you have everything planned out, all that's left to do is enjoy seeing your kiddos having the best night! Plus, one perk of a virtual pajama party is that there will be way less clean up afterward.


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