How to Take Your Jeans from Daytime to a Night Out

How to Take Your Jeans from Daytime to a Night Out

The right pair of women’s jeans can take you almost anywhere. They can go from business casual to a night out with just a bit of planning. Let’s take a look at the options.

Choose the Right Jeans for Both Occasions

Taking your jeans from daytime to a night out starts with looking at what your day and night out will look like. Will you be running errands during the day or needing to attend meetings where you will have a business casual dress code that allows jeans? What does your evening look like? Maybe a movie date, or is it something outside like a party by a bonfire?

To begin with, you’ll want to make sure that your jeans are fine for the more conservative of the two outings. If they are part of a business casual outfit, you will want to ensure that they are neat-looking. Often, this means a dark wash, although you can be your judge as fashion changes from season to season. Straight leg jeans that look “new” (i.e., not at all faded or distressed even if some jeans are supposed to look that way on purpose). Women’s black jeans can be a good choice, too. Different organizations are more formal or casual. Just make sure that you are well within it for the more conservative occasion if there is a dress code. You can dress your jeans up (or down) with a few accessories later.

Start with a Neutral Palette

In addition to starting with jeans that can work for both occasions, keeping the colors neutral to start is a good move. There is nothing as versatile as a nice pair of jeans and a women’s white blouse. For business wear, you can add a neat blazer or conservative-looking cardigan.

For daytime, keep your footwear appropriate for the occasion and probably neutral in color. A pair of black booties or flats without a lot of ornamentation or, for a super casual look, a pair of white tennis shoes.

You could ditch the third piece all together for a night out or go for a basic black women’s cardigan or jacket or a fun pop color. For shoes, you could stick with the same ones that you wore during the day if they work or dress it up a notch with a pair of heels, flats, or booties that make more of a statement. Black touches are nice for the evening.

Hair and Makeup

If you are already planning how you will move from daywear to evening wear with your jeans, chances are you won’t want to spend a lot of time changing the look of your hair or makeup. With that said, a few quick changes can make a big difference. If you plan to wear your hair down for both occasions, make sure to take a few minutes to re-brush your hair and “fluff” it a bit before evening. Bend over from the waist and brush your hair from the nape to the front of the forehead and then flip it back and adjust it how you would like. This will add body and shine. Putting your hair up in a fun style can be good for the evening, too.

If you wear makeup, you’ll probably want it to be a bit more defined for evening. Perhaps add a little eye shadow if you skipped it for daytime, or reapply lipstick and add a bit of gloss. If you like the look of blusher, but don’t typically wear it during the day, consider having it on hand and adding a bit before you go out. Regardless of what you choose with your makeup, think about the lighting changes that you will be undergoing. Are you moving from fluorescent light to someone’s home or maybe a candlelight dinner? Bright light typically requires less makeup. If you like the idea of being more dramatic, evening light is your chance.

Accessories—Change them Up While Keeping It Easy

If your night out is super casual, you may want to wear the same jewelry to both, but this is a great way to subtly change an outfit. If you are going straight from the office to your night out, you can wear conservative earrings during the day and easily carry a pair of fun earrings for the night with you. In general, you can add jewelry to your day look for evening—perhaps a statement necklace or some fun bangle bracelets. A little extra shimmer will make you look and feel great while helping to change up your mood from daytime to nighttime, too.

Accessories like belts and handbags can be changed up, too. Think conservative colors and textures for day and more fun colors and textures for night. Especially if you carry a briefcase or tote bag during the day, consider opting for a fun wristlet for night. It will look great and you’ll have less to lug around.

Regardless of the exact fashion choices you make, enjoy looking great as you go from day to a night out in your jeans!


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