How to Take a Mom's Day Off That Will Recharge You

How to Take a Mom's Day Off That Will Recharge You

"Mommy, guess what?" Mommy, can I have?" Mommy, I can't find...", and the list goes on. Chances are if you're a mom, you've heard these phrases at least 50 times a day. Sure, you love your kiddos; they give the best little hugs, and you love to listen to their infectious laugh and see how bright their eyes light up when they tell you something exciting that is happening in their world. And while you love being their mom and would do anything for them, sometimes you could really use a mom break. We hear you and are happy to share with you a few fun ideas on how you can take a "Mom's Day Off" that will leave you feeling relaxed and recharged.

Give Yourself a Staycation

While packing a bag and taking a long weekend trip sounds terrific, you may not be able to leave right away. No worries, you can find relaxation in your city. It's time you consider a staycation. As the name implies, a staycation is basically a vacation that revolves around staying home or in your city. During a staycation, some people choose to get a hotel room, while others prefer to get out and about and explore their local area.

Take some time and research a hotel, bed and breakfast, or a local Airbnb, and take a day or two to yourself to relax, recharge, and even take a nap if the mood strikes. Imagine relaxing in your comfortable women’s loungewear while soft music plays rhythmically in the background. What's that you hear? It's the sound of room service arriving with a hot meal just for you! Doesn't that sound amazing? With a little bit of planning and a bit of creativity, you can plan a spectacular staycation in your hometown and create some unforgettable memories. And don't worry if you start to miss the kiddos; make sure your hubby or babysitter sends plenty of videos and photos to get you through.

Treat Yourself to a Spa Day

If you can't fathom leaving the kids behind for a staycation, consider taking a rejuvenating spa day. You deserve to delight yourself with a facial, massage treatment, sauna experience, and more. Try a hot stone and mineral body treatment; they are known to deliver a warm, relaxing experience for the joints. Imagine indulging in an aromatherapy massage to relieve work tension and soothe the body and mind for a truly blissful experience.

Buy Yourself a "Just Because" Gift

It doesn't have to be your birthday or Mother’s Day for you to splurge on yourself, and it doesn't have to be too expensive either. If you have been eyeing a new perfume, a new pair of skinny jeans, or one of your favorite tunics, today is the day you treat yourself. Your gift to yourself doesn't have to be material; maybe during your "mom break," you give yourself the gift of self-care or the gift of grace. Whatever you decide to do, make sure it's something you want —no explanation necessary.

Reconnect with Friends

Do you feel disconnected from close friends? Were you once the "fun friend" and now you barely hear from your BFFs? It sounds like it's time to plan a lunch or dinner date with your favorite group of gal pals. Put on your favorite midi dress heels, and accessories, and dine at a restaurant you've been dying to try. Go ahead and let your hair down, laugh about the old times, and share what you're looking forward to in the future. The objective is to keep smiling and laughing and stay in the moment.

Find a Quiet Space and Don't Let Anyone In

OK, so maybe you don't want to leave your home, and perhaps you don't want to meet up with friends. What you really want is to be able to sit in quiet and be present with your thoughts. We totally get that! Make arrangements with your spouse to designate a quiet room for you for the day or weekend, whatever is feasible for your household. The rules are that no one, including your spouse, can interrupt you unless it's an absolute emergency.

Make sure you have all your essentials, such as a cozy blanket, a nicely scented candle, a streaming service, a book, plenty of snacks, and whatever else you need for your Mommy Break Day. If you want to dance, watch movies, sleep, or do all three, it's totally up to you. At the end of your day, you'll find yourself feeling incredible.

Whatever you decide to do for yourself, be sure to enjoy every minute. We are sure your spouse and children will appreciate you taking time for yourself to quiet your mind and spirit, and when you come back, you'll be more relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on whatever your loving, wild, and crazy family throws at you.


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