How to Style Your Tall Tunic Top

How to Style Your Tall Tunic Top

Tunic tops are in style and are moving from a more casual outfit or loungewear to something you can wear when going about your daily life. A little different from a dress, a tunic top is defined as a slip-on top with or without sleeves that falls somewhere between the knees and hips. Even if you aren't exactly sure what a tunic top is, you've definitely seen them around. There are even tunic sweatshirts and turtleneck tunic tops!

Tall Person Factors

Finding the right way to wear one doesn't seem like a difficult question, but if you are on the taller side, there are special considerations you should take into account. Tall ladies, especially those of us with long legs, know that our extra leg length can give the illusion that shorts or dresses or, in this case, tunic tops are shorter than they actually are. Ensuring your tall tunic top is long enough to make you feel comfortable going out and about is the first concern. Typically, a length that is closer to the knee than the hip will take care of this issue.

Body Types

After you know what length of tunic you are looking for, choosing the style comes next. Not all tunics tops are the same, and certain styles will make you look different than others. Usually, your body type will play a factor in which style of tunic top you like. Fabulous After 40 goes into which tunic tops look great on which body types.

Pear Shapes: Having a bit more on the bottom than on top means that your tunic top should have some designs or beading on the bust and neckline to draw the eye up. Make sure the end of your tunic top is longer than the widest part of your body and is either A-line or has slits in the sides (or both) to visually balance you out.

Apple Shapes: With great legs and a little more on top, look for vertical lines and V-necks to lengthen your body and choose a looser cut to leave your exact body shape in the imagination. If you are comfortable, don't be afraid to choose a tunic top that shows off those legs!

Inverted Triangle Shapes: Strong shoulders call for open necklines to soften them a little, along with detailing on the bottom to draw the eye down. Horizontal stripes should be avoided unless they are encircling your hip area.

Hourglass Shapes: The hourglass is a balanced shape with a small waist, but in tunic tops, the assets of this body type can disappear. Make sure you choose a tunic top with a nipped waist or choose a waist belt to keep your cute figure visible.

Rectangle Shapes: This is your outfit! With your hips, bust, and waist all roughly the same, the tunic top look matches your body type, so you are good to go!

Now that you know which tunic top to wear with your body shape, what can you pair your tunic top with? Here are some great outfits that showcase your tunic top.

Jeans and Sandals

This is a more laid-back outfit made for a summer night or a beach boardwalk stroll at sunset. Women's jeans maintain the casual look while keeping you covered and are subtle enough to complement your top. Good jeans should outline your legs fairly well, too, which works to balance the looser look of your more bohemian tunic top. Complete the outfit with a pair of cute sandals to pull the look together, and you are ready for your evening out.

Leggings and Boots

This outfit matches well with the autumn aesthetic. Leggings, especially thick long john-style ones, keep you toasty warm while, again, balancing the loose look of your tunic top. Add mid-calf or knee-high boots and maybe a wooly women's scarf to finish the look, and you can walk among the changing leaves knowing you fit right in.

Cropped Jacket and Heels

This combination gives off a more sophisticated style. A cropped jacket gives a nice visual contrast with your tunic top in terms of silhouette, and it also gives you a chance to play with pattern and color combinations to create a more dramatic look. Since we are going for pizzazz, you better wear heels. Whether you are wearing jeans or leggings, having a pair of heels as your shoe choice finishes the slimming line of your form-fitting pants and makes this a great look for going out.

Obviously, these elements can be mixed and matched as your fashion sense speaks to you. Try different combos in front of your mirror to check out your outfit options, or go shopping in jeans and sandals and see which tunic top you can't live without. When you have a tunic top that you know looks great and makes you feel great, you'll be thrilled to show off this interesting, fun addition to your wardrobe.


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