How to Style a Plus Size Polo Shirt

Throughout the decades, trends have come and gone. But there’s one particular style of top that remains a timeless staple: the polo shirt. Like a chameleon, it adapts perfectly to professional business attire as well as casual and even athletic attire. Although initially designed for sports like tennis, golf, and (of course) polo, it quickly became associated with clothing that high society would wear. It still has that stigma today, but in a good way. You don’t have to be a millionaire to look like a million bucks in a polo shirt.

As for styling your polo shirt, there are countless ways. What you wear with your women’s plus-size polo shirts and whether you tuck it in will greatly influence the look you’re going for. If you need some inspiration, check out the following occasions for wearing a plus-size polo shirt and ways to style it.

For Weekend Vibes

Whether running errands or chasing kids around the house, you want to be comfortable, but look good doing it. After all, is there anything worse than just popping into the store for some milk, assuming nobody will see you, and then realize you’re wearing a t-shirt that has seen better days? Whether your go-to comfortable outfit is plus-size jeans or plus size leggings, you can wear a plus-size polo that not only feels super comfortable but also makes you look quite polished.

On the Job

A polo shirt is ideal for the workplace. After all, so many businesses use polo shirts as official uniforms that the shirt has almost become synonymous with work attire. Wear it alone, or under a blazer or plus-size cardigan, and get a different look each way. Additionally, the bottoms you pair with it will add to the look as well. A plus size skirt will dress it up, khakis will make it look business casual and jeans are great for casual Fridays. A plus-size polo is great for those jobs that have a business-casual dress code, as a polo is less “stiff” looking and more casual, but still gives off a professional vibe.

When Working Out

It makes sense that a polo shirt would be popular activewear attire since that is what they were first designed for. However, in contrast to early polo shirts, today’s are much more versatile and come in a wide variety of fabric options. If you want to wear a plus-size polo for your next tennis match, make sure you get one that is meant for working out in, as it will feel lighter and keep you cooler. Pair it with plus-size Bermuda shorts or plus size skorts, and you’ll look and feel great on the court.

On a Date

Plus-size polos are great for date nights, as they can accommodate both fancy dates and casual dates. For a fancier date, pair it with a skirt and wear a delicate necklace to highlight the open neckline. For casual dates, anything goes; you can even wear it hiking when you want to dress in something more dressed up than a t-shirt. And a polo with moisture-wicking properties will keep you feeling fresh and looking cool. Don’t forget the shoes too. It’s perfectly acceptable and super stylish to pair a black plus-size polo shirt with a pair of jeans and heels. You could also make a cute pair of sneakers work with a jean skirt and a polo tucked into it. Start by thinking about the activity you plan on doing on your date, and plan your outfit around it so you’re comfortable and not over-or under-dressed.

For Lounging About in Style

Loungewear means something different to everyone. One person might feel comfortable in more pajama-like loungewear. Another person might prefer a plus-size cardigan and a pair of leggings. Others wear shorts all year, no matter what the weather. The point is, when you’re lounging around the house, it is your opportunity to be yourself. And what better way to truly fly your own flag than to wear a shirt that’s monogrammed just for you. Of course, you can wear it wherever you want, but having fun with it and adding your initials or a fun emoji can allow you to truly be yourself when lounging around at home.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to style a plus-size polo shirt, as it is one of the most versatile tops in a women’s wardrobe. Ultimately, how you wear it and what you wear it with will depend on the occasion. Get yourself a variety of colors so you can wear them comfortably for any occasion and look classy doing it.


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