How to Style Pull-On Jeans

How to Style Pull-On Jeans

Putting together the perfect ensemble to complement your jeans can be as simple or as complex as you make it. There are countless factors that play into the situation. For example, are you headed somewhere special and want to give your denim a bit of a dressy feel, or is this an occasion where casual is best? No matter the purpose, your pull-on women's jeans make the perfect wardrobe choice for so many reasons.

First, there's the obvious comfort factor. The very idea of pulling on a pair of jeans without having to think about those all-too-common concerns that typically befall the average denim wearer at some point in her lifetime is highly appealing. For example, you're not going to struggle to button them because, well, there are no buttons of which to speak. As for your old friend, the tug-hard zipper, you can also leave those woes behind because pull-on denim wouldn't dream of adding any hardware to the equation. And the presence of a potentially too-tight waistband that makes you want to rip your jeans off at the first opportunity is but a memory. It's true: pull-on jeans were definitely made with your enduring comfort in mind.

Not that there's anything better or more important than your comfort, but you can also count on pull-on jeans to provide countless styling options. You might even find yourself surprised by the numerous possibilities that a great pair offers. There's something about an elastic waist that opens up a world of possibilities. Suddenly, even those who avoided jeans like the plague are rocking them like the queens they are–and with great reason. Keep these styling suggestions in mind as you play around with different looks.

1. Wear Them With a Tunic

Has there ever been a combination as comfortable and timeless as a pair of jeans and a women's tunic top? This matchup is especially appropriate if your pull-on jeans are of the skinny silhouette variety. There's undeniable balance that develops when your bottoms are smooth, sleek, and defined and your top is light and airy. This lends your frame a seamless, proportionate look from top to bottom.

2. Pull On a Tailored Blazer

If you've always wanted to wear skinny jeans but have a tough time finding a pair that fits just right at the waist, then stretchy pull-on denim will be a dream come true for your sartorially challenged self. Once you've found a pair that you love, your next step is to track down a smart, tailored blazer. Why? The two look like they were made for each other! Wearing a blazer with jeans is an easy way to pull together an otherwise very casual piece and lend a more refined touch to your outfit. The structure is important for creating the aforementioned balance–a very critical element that creates a more defined look. Step into a pair of high heels or, if you prefer, ankle or mid-length boots for a polished finishing touch.

3. Take a Laid-Back Approach

While there's room in every closet for casual T-shirts and tank tops, you may want to branch out and play with different pieces when styling your pull-on jeans. That's particularly true if you go the straight-leg route. This is a traditional, timeless silhouette that flatters nearly every body type beautifully. It's characterized by a slightly form-fitting–but never tight–construction in the hips and thighs, and falls straight to the ankle in a clean, eye-catching line. The beauty of this look is that it works really well with your frame instead of attempting to hug your figure or go against the grain in any way. If you love the look of a classic, you can't go wrong. Try styling them with a light knit women's sweater for an easy take on everyday chic. A pair of chunky sneakers make this a fun idea for your off-duty moments or try a pair of Audrey Hepburn-worthy ballet flats for a softer look

4. Try Something Fun and Sporty

When your schedule is packed with football games, school runs, errands, and other often frantic activities, the last thing on your mind is fashion. Yet, you'll always look the part, not to mention stay entirely comfortable, in a pair of pull-on jeans. In addition to minimizing the usual denim woes that we all suffer at some stage, they also look great with the most casual of basic tops. You can throw on a light tee and top with a comfortable flannel shirt for an easy, fall-appropriate look that will keep you toasty from head to toe. Pull-on jeans also look flawless with hoodies and sweatshirts for ultra-casual days, yet they still keep your style on point. Why wear yoga pants when you can pull it all together in gorgeous denim?

5. Pair Them with the Right Shoes

Did you know you can take any kind of jeans from casual to dressy with just shoes? It’s true! The biggest factor (next to the shirt you’re wearing) is your footwear. If you’re looking for a more casual look, you can always go with a pair of sandals or low profile sneakers. These are great for everyday wear or going somewhere fun and casual. Your feet will also be much more comfortable. 

If you’re looking to dress your jeans up, consider some boots, wedges, or a classic pair of heels. These are great for dressier occasions when you don’t want to get totally dressed up. You’ll be surprised how much a pair of shoes can dress a usual casual and humble pair of jeans up or down!

When you want to merge comfort and practicality with style, pull out a pair of pull-on jeans from your closet.


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