How to Style Print Midi Skirts

How to Style Print Midi Skirts

While there are many styles of skirts to choose from, midi skirts hold a special place in our hearts. You might have already been nodding in agreement while you read that. But if you’re not quite on that page yet, hear us out: midi skirts are simply a perfect skirt length.

Don’t get us wrong, we love a good skort, maxi skirt, or even a pencil skirt, but those all have their time and place. Midi skirts are always a comfy and stylish choice since they’re versatile, universally flattering, and provide just the right amount of coverage to keep you comfortable throughout the day. It also doesn’t hurt that they’re super on-trend. Now that we’re all on the same page about our love for midi skirts read on for a few ideas for the best ways to style them.

How to Style a Print Midi Skirt

One of the cutest ways to style a midi skirt also happens to be one of the trendiest (and with very good reason!). The first midi skirt look on our list starts with a mid-length skirt in a silky material and a fun print, like leopard or cheetah spots. Go for a skirt that has a flattering silhouette, ideally one that’s swingy but smooth and controlled at the waist. With a print midi skirt like this one in your outfit rotation, you can easily build several dressy or more casual looks.

Keep It Casual

To build a casual look with this skirt, rock it with a white or black short-sleeve tee-shirt, either with a crewneck or V-neck neckline, a pair of your cutest white or black sneakers, and some simple, subtle jewelry like a pair of stud earrings.

If you need an extra layer, add a jean jacket. This effortless yet trendy look is perfect for casual lunch plans or exploring a new city on your next girls’ trip.

Dress It Up

You can just as easily style this skirt for occasions that call for a dressier look. Rather than a tee-shirt, pair your print midi skirt with a women's white blouse, like an A-line long-sleeve tunic top or a sleeveless linen shirt with an elegant gathered neckline, and either a pair of black leather or pleather mules or heels.

For this look, you’ll want to add a black women's cardigan sweater if you need some extra warmth. And if you need a heavier layer than a cardigan yet still want to keep this outfit dressy, opt for a tan or black duster instead of a sweater layer. Accessorize this look with some pretty dangle earrings or a gold statement necklace and a red lip.

How to Style a Solid-Color Midi Skirt

While a print midi skirt with a solid-color top is very on-trend, it can be just as stylish to rock a solid-color skirt with a print top. Keep in mind that to make this look work, you’ll always want to wear complementary shades. So, for example, if your print top features pink, green, and navy, opt for a navy blue skirt. Or, if your top features black and white, opt for a midi black skirt.

With a Sweater

For an everyday chic look, pair a solid shade mid-length skirt with a cotton-blend or cashmere crewneck women's sweater in a fun and flattering print like blue paisley or a colorful pastel pink and green color block pattern. You can dress this look by wearing it with heels, mules, or ballet flats and accessorizing with some elegant drop earrings. And, you can keep this look casual just as easily. Just throw on some sneakers and opt for stud earrings or no jewelry instead.

With a Short-Sleeve Top

If the weather is too warm to wear a sweater as your top layer, try this same style combo with a print tee or short-sleeve collared button-up instead. To keep the jungle spots theme in play, try a black midi skirt with a leopard or cheetah print short sleeve women's shirt. Or, if spots aren’t your thing, opt for a floral, horizontal stripe, multi-color print vertical stripe, or gingham top instead.

The key to picking a print top to pair with your midi skirt is that it often looks best to have something that you can tuck into the waist of your skirt, even if it’s a French tuck, to create a more streamlined silhouette that defines your waist and highlights your already-perfect shape in all of the right places!

From there, you can play around with patterns, add or remove layers and accessories as needed, and voila! With several midi-skirt-centric outfits in your wardrobe rotation, you’ll be set with a stylish and comfy outfit to wear to almost every occasion on your agenda.

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