How to Style Polos for Back to School

How to Style Polos for Back to School

Although polo shirts have never gone out of style, they’re getting lots of attention from kids of all ages and becoming the must-have shirt for going back to school. That’s good news for kids who wear uniforms since polos are half of most school uniforms across the country. It’s also good news for parents who appreciate the more dressed-up look that a polo shirt provides than a basic T-shirt.

Polo shirts come in a variety of materials and styles that can be worn in either warm or cold weather and with either long or short sleeves. Whether your kids are in kindergarten, grade school, or high school, here’s how to style boys’ and girls’ polo shirts for going back to school.

With Shorts

Polo shirts have a way of making any outfit look polished and put together, and that includes when they’re worn with a pair of shorts. That’s good news for kids and parents who live in warm climates or who have to deal with summer temperatures at the end of and beginning of the school year. Keep in mind that khaki shorts will keep kids cooler than jean shorts when it’s really hot out. Plus, khakis and polos go together like bread and butter. If your kids are extra-active, look for polo shirts with moisture-wicking properties and quick-drying capabilities made of comfortable and breathable polyester. These are great for younger kids who go from recess to the classroom to gym class and back again.

With Jeans

If your kids are allowed to wear jeans to school, a polo shirt can certainly make them look more dressed up. Typically, the polo shirt should hang loose over kids’ jeans instead of being tucked in, especially if the shirt has side vents. But these days, oversized polo shirts are in style as well—especially among teenage girls. So you may notice them being worn untucked more than tucked in. If your daughter wants to tuck her polo shirt in, a pair of high-waisted jeans will be ideal so that the side vents can be tucked in without showing. A belt worn with jeans can also make the outfit look stylish if your kids like tucking their shirts in or are required to per the school dress code.

With a Skirt

There are lots of girls’ skirts that look great with a polo shirt. One example is jean skirts, no matter what the length. Skorts are another great option, and they’re especially great for active kids. One very popular, cute, and stylish type of skirt is a pleated skirt, whether solid in color or plaid. But since pleated skirts tend to have a fitted waistband, the best match for them in regard to polo shirts is a banded-bottom polo shirt. These types of polos are more fitted against the waist instead of hanging loose over the skirt. It’s super cute to wear a pair of knee-high socks with this look as well—another trend that’s back in style!

Under a Sweater or Sweater Vest

These days, kids are buttoning up their polo shirts instead of leaving the top one or two buttons undone. That means they fit even better under pullover girls’ or boys’ sweaters and sweater vests. A really cute look, especially for girls, is an argyle sweater vest worn over a short-sleeved polo shirt with a butterfly collar. For boys or girls, a long-sleeved polo will keep them warm and comfortable under a long-sleeved sweater during wintertime. This is a great option when kids are sensitive about how certain clothes feel against their skin since the polo shirt provides a comfy barrier under what might be a sweater they claim is too scratchy.

How About a Polo Dress?

If your daughter is going back to school and is more of a dress type of girl than a pants type of girl, she will appreciate the look and feel of a stylish polo dress. Polo dresses come in lots of different varieties—whether it’s due to the color and pattern or the design of the hem. Some polo dresses look like a polo shirt and pleated skirt combined into one. Others have a ruffled bottom. And there are, of course, polo dresses that simply look like one long polo shirt but with an A-line cut. Whether long-sleeved or short-sleeved, polo dresses aren’t only stylish but also feel comfortable as well. And parents appreciate the durability of polo fabric, as well as the way they keep their shape.

With these ideas in mind, make sure you stock up on a wide variety of polos so you can set your kids up for success in style during the school year.


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