The Best Plus-Size Swimwear for Women with Long Legs

The Best Plus-Size Swimwear for Women with Long Legs

If you have long legs and are looking for plus-size swimwear, Lands’ End has you covered! Let’s look at some of the best options out there to make you look and feel great.

A Cut Above

If you love your long legs, a plus-size swimsuit with a slightly higher cut on the thigh will help you to flaunt them by elongating your legs a bit further. By the same token, a longer cut on the leg will look a bit more modest and make your legs appear a bit shorter.

If you like the idea of emphasizing your figure from the waist up, consider a one-piece swimsuit with visual interest at the neckline, like a wrap top or a halter top. One-piece suits look sleek as they hug your curves. Choosing a plus-size tankini with a neutral-colored bottom and a colorful tankini top in a solid color or pattern will draw the eye toward your face. If you prefer a looser silhouette, a blouson tankini top will create a graceful yet looser line. Tankinis can also be cooler as you are wearing two pieces instead of one.

Tall and Terrific

If your long legs are part of your tall frame, you may want to consider a tall-sized suit or perhaps a long torso plus-size swimsuit or a plus-size high waisted swimsuit. When it comes to height, it’s best to think about where you are tall to get the best fit. Do you have long legs but are short-waisted? Are you long-waisted and have average-length legs? Are you evenly tall from head to toe? However your beautiful frame is put together, we have swimwear options to make you look and feel great.

If you like to show off your height, a solid color suit will emphasize the length of your torso. A multi-color or patterned suit will break up the visual line and emphasize your overall frame from shoulders to thighs for a more balanced look.

Super Swim Shorts

For a sporty, more modest look, consider plus-size swim shorts. For long legs, you will always want to keep the inseam length of shorts in mind as the hem will hit your leg “higher” than it would on a shorter sister. Board shorts will give you even more coverage.

Swim shorts can be a great option if you just like to throw on an oversized T-shirt for a swimsuit cover-up, as you will already have more coverage from the waist down. This can be an easy go-to look for a quick pool or beach trip. If you choose longer swim shorts, you will have an outfit that will work for running errands on the way or grabbing a bite at a super casual restaurant after your swim.

Maximum Style with a Maxi Dress

If you are looking for a great swimsuit cover-up option for long legs, consider a women’s tall maxi dress or a midi or maxi skirt. They are not only pretty, but as a flowy style, they are cool. Long swimsuit cover-ups just look fabulous with long legs. There is no easier swimsuit cover-up than an easy skirt with an elastic waist. You can go from the beach to the boardwalk in minutes.

They not only match your body’s proportions, but they can look glamorous, too. For a gorgeous look, go for a long swimsuit cover-up with a statement sun hat with a broad brim, great sunglasses, and a pair of pretty slides or sandals. For a white cover-up, either white or black can look dramatic. For a colored cover-up, black can be a better choice, as the darker color will help to create a visual frame. If you will be going places before or after the pool or the beach, a pair of walking sandals is a great choice. Just make sure that they can’t be damaged if they get wet. Waterproof soles on leather sandals are a good idea, as are full-on waterproof sandals.

Best Beach Bags

You’ll need a great beach bag to carry your stuff. From beach towels to sunscreen to water bottles to a beach read, it all takes up space. Choose a waterproof or water-resistant option (waterproof linings in beach bags are great). Rugged shoulder straps are also a great idea to keep your stuff secure. Select one that will fit all your gear, including a picnic blanket. Of course, style is important in beach bags, too! Go with something cute that will make you feel good carrying it.

With a bit of intention, choosing the best plus-size swimwear for you and your long legs will be easy. Have a fabulous time at the pool or the beach!


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