How to Style Plus-Size Swimwear for a Day at the Local Pool

How to Style Plus-Size Swimwear for a Day at the Local Pool

A day at the local pool calls for fun in the sun, fresh, cold drinks, and refreshing—and super trendy—swimsuits to show off! A chic, plus-size swimsuit can be styled in a variety of ways to create an outfit you look and feel fabulous in. Let’s take a look at a few creative ways you can style your plus size swimwear for a leisure day at the local pool.

Pick Your Colors

Before you begin looking for intricate swimwear styles or finding accessories for your pool outfit, start with your base: color. There are countless colors to choose from and below are some popular choices:

Classic Black: Black is a timeless, iconic, versatile color that never fails to come across as sleek and sophisticated, especially for a swimsuit. It’s a color that effortlessly flatters every body type and can be worn all on its own or with contrasting colors or prints to achieve a textured look.

Bright Neons: Going in the complete opposite direction, neon colors are perfect for making a fun fashion statement at the pool. You can opt for a solid neon-colored swimsuit or something with neon accents or multiple neon colors. Going with a neon suit is a great choice for a daytime pool party or tropical getaway.

Pastels: Pastel colors such as light pink, baby blue, and soft lavender are excellent options for a softer, feminine look. They are also incredibly flattering on a variety of skin tones and look fabulous with a range of accessories in neutral tones.

Metallics: Like neon colors, metallic swimsuits offer a great way to make a bold fashion statement. They instantly add a whole lot of shine and glamor to your pool outfit and need little to no accessories to stand out. While neon colors are perfect for daytime pool parties, a metallic swimsuit is something you’ll want to break out for an evening pool party.

Decide on Prints

Swimsuits can feature many different designs, from solid-colored plus size one piece swimsuits to intricately patterned bikini sets and everything in between. When putting together your plus-size swimwear collection, it’s worth having a variety of options. In addition to a few solid-colored suits, consider playing around with prints. A few popular print choices include:

Tropical Prints: Think bold, colorful floral prints or vibrantly green palm leaves that give off a fun, beachy vibe.

Tie-Dye: A trend that has made a comeback in recent years, tie-dye can add a retro, bohemian feel to your swimwear.

Stripes: Classic and always in style, stripes add a nautical or sporty look to your swimsuit while offering a slimming effect. You can choose from horizontal or vertical stripes in different colors and thicknesses.

Polka Dots: Another timeless pattern, polka dots can be playful and feminine and you can choose from larger or smaller dots in countless colors.

Animal Prints: From leopard to zebra, animal prints add a bit of edge to your swimwear. You can go for a subtle look by choosing a print accent or a bold splash with something like a rainbow-colored cheetah print. It all depends on your preference.

Find The Perfect Style and Cut

Like colors and prints, there is endless variety in terms of swimsuit styles. We can’t possibly detail every cut and style in one post, but a few worth mentioning include:

A High-Waisted Bikini Bottom: This retro-inspired style features a bikini bottom with a high waistline, which can help create a more defined waist and elongate your legs. Many high-waisted bikini bottoms, whether in the form of plus size swim shorts or regular bikinis styles, also come with unique details like ruching or side cut-outs.

A One-Shoulder Swimsuit: This asymmetrical style features one shoulder strap instead of two, which can add an interesting twist to a classic swimsuit. One-shoulder swimsuits can come in a variety of styles, from one-piece to bikinis, and can also feature unique details like ruffles or cutouts.

Swim Dresses and Swim Skirts: These are staples of any swimwear collection. A swim dress or plus size swim skirt adds a little feminine touch to your poolside look both in and out of the water.

A Wrap Swimsuit: A swimsuit with a wrap-around design, usually in the form of a tie or belt, cinches in your waist and creates a more defined silhouette. Wrap swimsuits come in all styles, from one-piece to bikinis, each with its own unique details, such as ruffles or knots.

A Mesh Swimsuit: With y2k styles back in the spotlight, you can expect to see swimsuits with a mesh overlay or panel, which can add a flirty and edgy touch to your swimsuit.

When you consider the three pillars of swimwear—color, print, and cut—you can effortlessly put together chic, plus-size swimwear outfits for your relaxing days at the local pool!


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