How to Style Plus-Size Swimwear for a Day at the Beach

How to Style Plus Size Swimwear for a Day at the Beach

There is nothing better than a day at the beach! The sun, the surf, the sand… you just have to love a whole day to enjoy them. Let’s look at how to style plus-size swimwear for a day at the beach.

Who Is in Your Crew?

A key part of what you choose to wear for a day at the beach will be the people you will be visiting that day. Will you be taking little kids or grandkids with you? Will you be hanging out with the gals? Will you and your partner be with other couples? Is this a relaxing day just for you and a friend? Who is in your crew will drive some of your fashion choices.

When choosing a plus-size swimsuit and a swimsuit cover-up for a day with little ones, keep in mind things like needing to carry kids or tote bags or bend over to help someone up. You’ll want the style you crave with convenient coverage when you need it. If your crew will be adults only, you’ll have a greater range of style options, including strapless swimsuits or those with straps that might get tugged the wrong way by a tyke.

What Activities Will You Enjoy?

Will there be water sports? Will you have a picnic lunch or a barbecue on the beach for dinner? Is the most important thing just relaxing and talking with friends? Are you looking forward to visiting with everyone under the stars at a beach bonfire? For a more active day at the beach, rash guards can be a nice option. Originally worn by surfers, these short or long-sleeved spandex tops that you wear over your swimsuit have a sleek look and provide extra sun protection.

For a super relaxing day, think about both a cute and comfy swimsuit and perhaps a skirt or dress that can be worn as a swimsuit cover-up. Midi and maxi skirts can double as beachwear while feeling flowy and looking great. If you will be at the beach into the evening, consider staying cozy with a light jacket or a fleece throw that can double as a picnic blanket.

How Much Support Do You Like?

Part of looking and feeling great in swimwear is having the support you need to feel confident and comfy. If you are busty, a plus-size underwire swimsuit might be a good option. Some women like swimsuits with tummy control or bust-minimizing features. Whatever level of support you prefer, be sure your suit hugs your curves, stays in place, and helps you feel terrific.

What Is Your Style?

Do you like a minimalist vibe with great grab-and-go beach clothes, or are you more of a fashionista at heart? If you like to keep it simple, a classic plus-size one-piece swimsuit is a great option. The beauty of a one-piece swimsuit is that you can find one cut to your preferences, whether that is a higher neckline, more moderate, or more daring. The same rule applies to the cut of the leg openings. For a one-piece option that is a bit more modest, a plus-size swim dress can be a great option.

Plus-size tankinis are comfy, fun, and fashionable. You can mix and match tankini tops and bottoms to create different looks if you like variety in your beach wear. You can also buy them in different sizes if that will be a better fit for your current curves. If your day at the beach is likely to be especially hot, a two-piece tankini can give you a bit more of a breezy feel than a traditional one-piece swimsuit would. Of course, for full-on fashionistas, tankinis come in a rainbow of colors and a wide array of patterns. Why not play with some different combinations to see what you like best?

What Will the Weather Be Like?

Sun safety is key for a day at the beach. Bring plenty of sunscreen and reapply often. Typically, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. are the most intense hours, so be especially sure to stay on top of sun safety during this window. If you have little ones in tow, try to make a game out of reapplying sunscreen, and be a good example yourself (they do what we do, not just what we say).

Hopefully, you will have ample sunshine for your day, but rain preparation is wise. Keeping a women’s rain jacket in your beach bag is a great idea if it is cloudy.

With a bit of planning, you will look and feel fantastic in your plus-size swimwear for your day at the beach. Have a wonderful day!


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