Five Ways to Style a Plus-Size Flannel Shirt

5 Ways to Style a Plus-Size Flannel Shirt

When it comes to the perfect wardrobe, button-down flannel shirts are a staple item that every person should have in their closet. In addition to being quaint and comfortable, this item can easily be styled to take you from lounging around the house, to going to work at the office, or going out on a romantic date night.

You can change the entire vibe of your outfit with just a few simple tucks or buttons. Read on to learn five simple ways to style and accessorize your favorite plus-size flannel shirt for nearly any situation.

Keep It Professional

When most people think of flannel, they do not typically associate these shirts with professional office attire, but we promise you can make your favorite flannel professional and work-appropriate with some simple adjustments. For this look, you can button the shirt all the way to the neck and keep the sleeves long and buttoned for a sleek and sophisticated style. Then, you'll want to tuck the shirt in all the way around. Pair with a slimming pencil skirt and thick warm tights and flats, or pair with women’s chino pants and ankle boots. Complete this look with a blazer or cardigan. Remember to pair a scarf and jacket as well in the winter months.

Move From Day to Night

So, you have chosen this look for work, but the day continues into the night and you don't have time to go home and change: now what? Not a problem. To transition this same look to happy hour or date night, you have some options. First, unbutton those top buttons. If you opted for the blazer, a hip and stylish option could be to unbutton the sleeves as well and roll them once over the blazer sleeves. Bunch both layers up slightly around your elbows to exposure your wrists and partially expose your forearms. Now your look is casual but still sophisticated and ready for happy hour.

Tie it Up

For a cute and flirty look for the weekend, unbutton and tie the bottom portion of your flannel shirt. To do this, first pick several buttons in the middle section—you will want to leave the top buttons undone for a flirty casual look and the bottom buttons undone to have space for the tying. Then, twist both sides of the bottom of the shirt and tie them together. You can create a bow or simple knot. Wear a long necklace with this look to further accentuate and elongate. If this feels too exposed, simply wear a tucked-in t-shirt or tank underneath. Pair your tied button-up with high-waisted jeans or an ultra-feminine, flowy maxi skirt.

Tuck It In

The ultimate question for any button-up plus-size shirt is to tuck or not to tuck? As we learned above, it depends on your situation. You have your French tuck, or front-tuck, where you tuck just the front into the area around the button and zipper, letting the rest of the shirt hang. This is a casual-cool way to style your shirt for day-to-day wear or going out with friends. Then you have your half-tuck, which works best with button-up styles, where you take half of the front of your shirt and tuck it into the top of your pants or skirt. Then, of course, the full tuck. This tuck elongates the legs and is the most professional, clean-cut look. How you choose to tuck (or not to tuck) your plus-size flannel will determine the overall vibe of your outfit.

Dressing It Down

You'll love your plus-size flannel shirt so much that you want to wear it all the time. And we think you absolutely should. Take that same plus-size flannel shirt you wore to the office party last week and make it your weekend look. Wear it under a cable-knit sweater, with the collar peeking out for a cute and cozy cabincore look. Or, you could layer it with a cotton shirt dress. The plus-size flannel is the perfect addition to your outfit when spending the day running errands. It can be thrown over a t-shirt and jeans when it’s chilly in the morning, then tied around your waist as the temperature rises. Perfect for wearing around the house, you can also pair your flannel with your favorite yoga pants or comfy sweats.

There are endless ways to style your timeless flannel. Whether dressing up for work or a date, or dressing down for weekend lounging, we hope we've inspired you to wear that highly versatile plus-size flannel any time, any place.


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