How to Style One Dress for Every Season

How to Style One Dress for Every Season

Don’t you love it when you find a dress that makes you look and feel great? The right dress can not only go from day to evening, but it can also look great year-round. Let’s look at some tips to style one dress for every season.

First, the Fit

Unless you already have the perfect women’s dress in your closet, you’ll need to do so shopping (or at least alter a great dress that you already own). Start with the measurements for your current curves. Even if you think you know your current size, it’s wise to double-check. Our bodies are always changing, and closets have even been known to shrink clothing.

In addition to the basics like bust, waist, and hips, go ahead and measure your current height, weight, and arm length. Are you regular, petite, plus, or tall? Lands’ End has your back. We make dresses to fit every body. When you try on a dress, make sure to model it in front of a full-length mirror with good lighting. One of the advantages of online shopping is that you can do this in the comfort of your own home with the lighting that you prefer instead of in a fitting room under the glare of fluorescent light. If you shop online, make sure the retailer has a great return policy (like ours) in case you need to send something back and try a different option.

Choose a Great Neutral

If you are shopping for a year-round dress, choose a great neutral color. Black dresses are a versatile choice but not the only one. Navy, grey, and taupe are also year-round neutrals that can be dressed up or down.

Make sure that the color you choose looks great on you. If you are unsure of what neutrals are most flattering to you, try on some different ones. Looking into seasonal color analysis is also a great idea. The best colors for you are the colors that look great with your hair, skin, and eyes, regardless of what is “in” or “out” this season. Perhaps you look fabulous in black. Maybe your “basic black” is navy. Maybe you turn heads in the right shade of grey. Discover a dress that makes you look and feel great, and go with that one.

Sweet Spring Looks

Spring is a great time of year to dress up a neutral dress with pastels. Add a pretty scarf or a light-colored cotton cardigan. Shades like pastel pink, robin’s egg blue, and pale yellow can look great on a neutral backdrop. You can keep your heels or flats the neutral color of your dress or change it up and have them match your sweater for fun.

For a more casual spring look, consider adding tennis shoes! A cute pair of white tennis shoes will go with all except the dressiest of dresses and be much comfier as you go through your day. Add a tote bag in white or a spring color, and you are ready for anything your busy schedule can throw at you.

Stylish Summer Looks

Styling a dress for summer is just fun! Consider a women’s linen shirt instead of a blazer to go with your go-to dress. Pairing a white shirt or blazer with a neutral dress is an instant ensemble in summer.

For an easy transition, break out those pretty new sandals and some fun earrings, and a statement bracelet. If you are traveling, make those pretty sandals a pair that have proven to be good for walking and are already broken in. Leave the cute but less practical ones at home for a quick lunch or dinner out.

Fabulous Fall Looks

For fall, add a cozy cardigan and a pair of boots. Both booties and knee-high boots can look good with dresses, especially when you pair them with neutral tights. Play with different styles and see what you like. A tweed jacket or men’s blazer can be a great way to transition a dress to fall for that preppy look.

Wonderful Winter Looks

To take your dress into winter, you have many options. For a dressy yet cozy look, consider adding a cashmere cardigan. Either a winter white or a bright color like red would be lovely. Cashmere is an instant upgrade to any garment with which you pair it because of the beautiful look and feel of the fibers.

While you are thinking of how to style your dress for winter, keep in mind what winter coat you will pair it with, too. Keeping a similar level of formality or casualness to both garments is good. Hemlines are key, too. Aim for a hem that is the same length as your dress or slightly longer for an elegant look.

Have fun styling your dress for every season!


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