How To Style Hats for Fall?

How to Style Hats for Fall

Don’t you just love fall? The cool crisp air, the leaves turning gorgeous colors—and of course, fall is full of fashion possibilities. Let’s look at some great tips on how to style hats for fall.


If you add one hat to your fall wardrobe, make it a beanie. This classic knitted hat is not only stylish but warm, too. Beanies used to be strictly for wearing with your favorite winter coat, but not anymore.

Beanies look great with a sweater or sweatshirt and women’s jeans, and they can be worn in several ways, too. For a bit more of a hipster look, wear your beanie with some slack at the top for a slouchy beanie look. Depending on your hairstyle and what is most comfortable for you, consider rolling the brim of the beanie either once or twice. You can create a shorter beanie and have it fall wider around your face with the second roll.

Consider keeping one neutral-colored beanie and one fun-colored beanie handy as the weather gets colder. Stashing a beanie in your backpack or glove compartment is a great idea. Beanies are also fun when you buy them in the colors of your favorite sports team or your alma mater. They make great gifts, too! When it comes to beanies, one size truly does fit all.

Cadet hat

For a fun look with a bit of military flare, add a cadet hat to your favorite casual outfit. Cadet hats sit flat on your head and have a smaller brim than a baseball cap, making them look casual, yet sleek at the same time. Although dark neutral colors are a classic for cadet hats, pop colors can also be cute and have a retro 1960s look to them.

Throw on your favorite women’s jeans with a pair of riding boots and a turtleneck and then top it all off with a cadet hat. Cadet hats are a great choice for fall because they are stylish, but not designed to insulate you from winter (at least not a Wisconsin winter). They are typically made from cotton or cotton blends and can look cute with either short or long hair.

Cloche Hat

Cloche hats became popular in the late 1920s and are synonymous with the “flapper look." Fast forward a century, and this style still looks great. Cloche hats create a dressier look than a beanie and can be made from many different fabrics, including wool, cashmere, and silk. Cloche hats work great for women with simple, straight hairstyles as they fit close to your head. They are also warmer than many hats that are designed more for style than warmth.

For a classic look, consider pairing your cloche hat with a women’s wool coat. Matching the color of your hat to the color of your coat is a great look, but so is going for a neutral-colored coat and then wearing a bright-colored cloche.

Head Bands and Ear Warmers

Headbands and ear warmers may not technically be hats, but they are headwear that can be both stylish and functional. Headbands that are wide and warm enough to cover your ears are a great look. With short hair, this can look cute and sassy. With long hair, it has more of a classic retro 1960s vibe. Ear warmers can be anything from the classic earmuffs with the extender that goes over the top of your head to the type that is designed specifically to cover your ears and then run along the back of your neck.

Keeping a headband or pair of ear warmers in the pocket of your favorite women’s fleece jacket can be a lifesaver when the mercury drops. Trust Lands’ End to keep your ears warm and cozy.

Gloves and Mittens

Buying gloves or mittens that coordinate with or match your hat is a great way to look polished and stay warm at the same time. There are few things cuter than a beanie or headband and a matching pair of mittens! For a dressier look like a cloche hat, consider neat looking pair of leather women’s gloves in the same color as the hat. If you only want to call attention to your hat, go for a dark neutral-colored pair of leather gloves.

When buying gloves or mittens, make sure to keep both quality and fit in mind. You should be able to comfortably wear them and move your thumb and fingers around as you will need to do for your daily activities. Check the seams and lining to make sure they are secure and will be comfortable next to your skin. Mittens are warmer than gloves because the body heat from your fingers stays together, but gloves are more practical for many of life’s activities.

Have fun styling your hats for fall!


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