How to Rock Graphic T-Shirts for Back to School

How to Rock Graphic T-Shirts for Back to School

Everyone loves T-Shirts for many reasons. These trusty staples offer all-day comfort and ease of wear. T-Shirts are also stylish and versatile. You can layer them with different types of clothing to create great looks for every season. Graphic T-Shirts offer all of this with an added pop of personality to make your outfits unique. From slogans and logos to portraits and emblems, graphic T-Shirts come in many different designs. There are also plenty of colors and styles to choose from.

The comfort, ease, and visual appeal of graphic T-Shirts makes them the ideal addition for any back-to-school wardrobe. You get all-day comfort plus versatility without compromising on style. You can mix and match graphic T-Shirts with everything from skirts and shorts to sweatpants and jeans. Read on to discover the best outfits to rock this fall.

Keep it Casual

On some days, you just want a simple outfit to throw on and go. Girls' graphic tees and shorts is a combo you can count on every time. No matter which shorts you wear, this outfit is simple, casual, comfy, and easy to personalize with accessories. Throw on a pair of white sneakers, and you have an effortlessly stylish look. On cooler days, you can layer up with a denim jacket, hoodie, or oversized plaid shirt. Tie it all together with a bucket hat or baseball cap.

Make it Smart

Pairing a graphic T-Shirt with a blazer and baggy jeans makes another great go-to outfit for school. The contrast between the structured and relaxed fits creates a unique and edgy style. If your graphic T-Shirt is a light color, wear it with white sneakers and faded blue jeans for girls. If it’s dark, go for black or navy bottoms and a pair of black-and-white sneakers. Match your socks to the color of your blazer for added style. A patterned headscarf will soften this look and add a chic final touch.

Layer Up

Play with textures by pairing your graphic T-Shirts with chunky knit girls’ cardigans. This layered look is both cozy and versatile. You can mix and match different T-Shirts with different cardigans and any bottoms to create multiple outfits. For instant style, go for a cardigan that matches one of the colors in the design of the graphic T-Shirt. This combo will look great with straight leg jeans, but you can also style it with slim fit dress pants. Throw on a pair of slip-on sneakers or leather loafers to complete this laidback look.

Go Oversized

For those days when comfort is key, you can’t beat an oversized t-shirt for comfort and relaxed style. To create an athletic-inspired outfit, pair an oversized graphic T-Shirt with bike shorts or girls’ leggings. Throw on a pair of running shoes and tube socks for added sporty flair. If grunge is more your style, wear your oversized graphic T-Shirt with distressed jeans or cargo pants. This outfit will look great with lace-up sneakers and a knit beanie. You can also wear it with slip-on sneakers or ankle boots. In colder weather, add a leather jacket and a lightweight scarf.

Skirt Around

Graphic T-Shirts match well with a variety of different girls’ skirts. You can style yours with a midi denim skirt, for example, and a pair of sneakers or clogs. This outfit is simple yet elegant and will keep you comfy for school. For an edgier option, pair your graphic T-Shirt with a plaid or faux leather mini skirt and combat boots. If it's cold out, you can always add a pair of tights, a leather jacket, and a knit scarf to this look. You can also have fun mixing different colors and prints by wearing your graphic T-Shirt with a flowy patterned skirt. This outfit will look great with crisp white sneakers or leather ankle boots.

Do Denim

One of the reasons denim is so beloved is because it matches everything. It's no different with graphic T-Shirts. You can wear yours with everything from jeans to denim shorts to a denim skirt. You can even add a denim jacket for a bold, denim-on-denim look. For a retro-inspired outfit, pair your graphic T-Shirt with denim overalls or a denim jumpsuit. This cool and comfy combo will look great with any pair of sneakers, from slip-on styles to classic high-top designs. Accessorize with a bucket hat or headscarf and a few pieces of jewelry to finish off your look.

From keeping it casual with shorts to going all out with denim, there're plenty of ways to style graphic T-Shirts. No matter how you wear them, they’ll bring a pop of personality to every look. These stylish, comfy, and reliable basics are a great choice for school in all seasons. Recreate the outfits on our list, or use it to inspire your own creations this fall.


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