How to Style Crop Pants for Work

How to Style Crop Pants for Work

Crop pants are a key element to the professional wardrobe, especially when it's warm outside. There are plenty of ways to wear these pants to make them perfect for the office. The unique length of crop pants, which fall just above the ankle, offers a refreshing take on the traditional dress pant and opens up many new options. Have some fun experimenting with this pant length and see how many flattering looks you can create! Here are some styling ideas to help you get started.

Blazers Instantly Evoke a Sleek Professional Image

Want to take your crop pants up a notch? Throw a women's blazer over your top! The tailored fit of a blazer ties the whole outfit together and presents a purposeful and professional impression. Leave it open to show off your blouse and accessories, or close it for a more formal appearance. Blazers look great with pencil crop pants that fall just above the ankle. Try a blazer in traditionally conservative colors like grey and black, or make it the center of attention by choosing a pastel color like Burnt Clay Herringbone.

Chino Crop Pants With a Button-Down Shirt

The slim cut and lightweight cotton of chino pants are simply made for the cropped form. Also, the tailored fit of this pant makes it a logical addition to your workplace style. When you tuck in a button-down shirt into your Chino crop pants, you create a tidy, timeless look that you can wear from spring to early fall. You'll also feel comfortable in the light fabric when outdoor temps warm up.

Wear Them with a Sweater

Sweater weather and crops must have been best friends since childhood. While it's still warm enough to show off a bit of leg, a cute seasonal women's sweater on top will keep you warm where you want to be. Explore a spectrum of styles to find which one suits you the best. Practically any type will match a cropped pant. For starters, try a crewneck, turtleneck, v-neck, or mock neck. Or, wear a sweet camisole and a cardigan. Then, slip on a heeled ankle boot to complete the outfit, and you'll feel ready to take on the day.

Show Off Your Shoes!

Crop pants leave just a little space above the ankle that draws more attention to your footwear than standard pants. People often wear a pair of heels or wedge flats with capris. These shoes match easily with many different tops and add a bit more sophistication into the total package–making them great for nurturing a professional mindset! Also, when the warm-weather seasons arrive, you can unveil the new spring wedges, sandals, and heels that you've been longing to show off.

Capri Yoga Pants Bring in the Comfort ... but in Style!

When you need to feel comfortable, Capri yoga pants are there for the long haul. They have a tighter fit than standard crop pants and are more official than leggings, so you'll need to offset the default casual nature with some strategic tops. The elastic waistband and generous stretch will feel just as comfortable as your favorite pair of lounge pants–but it's a garment you can enjoy at work! This style finds favor with tunics or blouses, a long cardigan, or a drifter shawl that falls around the hips.

Fashion Scarves Offer a Dose of Flair

When you want to spice up an outfit with crop pants, it's easy to accent it with accessories. Achieve a fun and flirty look with a light fashion scarf over any top-and-crop-pant combo. This provides just enough coverage against the occasional chilly breeze while still being light enough to wear indoors. The splash of patterns and textures adds another layer of styling on top of your outfit. Scarves are fun to switch up and can make the same top look different when you mix and match during the season.

Style New Outfits With Wide-Leg Crop Pants

Not all crop pants are tailored to frame the body. Wide-leg crop pants are excellent pieces to have in your closet when you're ready to shift gears to a different silhouette. For a chic outfit, wear a top that is more form-fitting to accentuate the charm of your wide-leg pants, and pair it with a luxurious women's cashmere sweater. You can also try tucking in a button-down shirt or blouse to style them professionally.

Embrace Delightfully Bright Colors

Not everything has to be in the spectrum of black and grey when it comes to workwear. Try expanding your color palette with crop pants in eye-catching colors like Antique Blue, Light Watermelon Sorbet, and Coral Fusion. When you play with new colors, you can add a new dimension to existing pieces in your closet. You can go for bold patterns or aim for basic, neutral-colored tops to offset your blue crop pants. No matter how you decide to style these, you'll be sure to add a splash of color to your workday.


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