Best Ways To Style Capri Pants This Fall

Best Ways To Style Capri Pants This Fall

Falling temperatures and crisp mornings mean it’s time to transition to fall fashion. Although the leaves may be turning, it isn’t quite time to bust out your long underwear. Fall offers transitional temperatures that demand a little thought into your next outfit. This season, keep your capris out of the closet a little longer with these styling tips.

Fancy Footwork

Finding the right footwear for your capri pants doesn’t need to be rocket science. In fact, it’s simple to find the right pair of shoes to go with your capris. Sandal season may be gone, but you can still wear lovely flats or even a trendy slip-on to go with fall capris. Another option is a wedge bootie. These ankle-high boots give a bit of lift to your legs. Go for white or nude shoes if you wish to elongate your legs and draw the eye upwards to the rest of your outfit.

Relaxed Denim

Your new favorite pair of women’s jeans can also be capri cut. Don’t shy away from denim in the fall, it’s the reason for the season after all! Denim provides added warmth, but with the capri cut, you’ll still get some airflow. The result is a nice hybrid pant that keeps you warm and lets the breeze in when possible. Denim goes with virtually anything, so you can mix and match throughout the fall to create virtually any look. Combine crisp, black jean capris with a nice blouse for an office-ready look that’s sophisticated and chic. Throw on your favorite flannel shirt with a pair of relaxed capri jeans for a look that’s ready for some serious rest and relaxation. Overall, you can create virtually any fall vibe with a few pairs of denim capris.

Flared, Fitted and Fabulous

The sky is the limit with different capri cuts. For a sleek and streamlined look, go for fitted capri pants. Fitted capris elongate your body and make you appear taller. Small tassels or a fringed leg (think ripped jeans) at the bottom add a hint of texture to the pant. These elegant pants work well for fall and can either be paired with a fitted top or a baggy sweater for a comfy feel. 

Alternatively, flared capri legs work well if you want a more relaxed feel. Don’t be shy when it comes to flair. Wide-legged capris give the illusion of the skirt with maximum coverage. Choose a more fitted top to balance your look, or tuck in your blouse.

Another option is a jogger short. These capri-like pants have elastic openings at the leg. Typically, they are slightly more relaxed. Built for movement and mobility, jogger pants work just like capris and go with virtually everything. Tuck in your blouse for a more elongated look.

Snuggle Up

Fall evokes snuggly vibes and it's great to pair capri pants with a cashmere women’s sweater the ultimate in luxe. These beautiful and soft sweaters give off cuddle vibes and make you want to just curl up and read a good book. Wear with a fitted capri for a well-balanced look that brings out the best of the season.


Complete any fall look with the right accessories. Capris go well with hats, scarves, drop necklaces, and more. Get creative with unique accessories that fit the fall colors. Greens and deep blues contrast with the brilliant oranges and reds of fall. Choose neutral tones such as greys, whites, tans, and blacks. These staple colors offer a range of versatility the blends with every season. Use accessories to add pops of color to your fall look.

Color Clash

One key thing to remember about matching capris for fall is to not get too bold. For example, wear one of your favorite, brightly colored women’s short sleeve blouses with light grey capri pants. Or go for an all neutral colored look and let your accessories bring a pop of color to your outfit. You want to avoid wearing too many brights, as this takes away from the overall sophistication and balance of your outfit. As a result, you’ll create a fashion-forward fall look that everyone will compliment you on.

Capri pants transition well into the cooler fall months since they keep you covered in chilly temps. These staple wardrobe items pair well with nearly any top. Choose from a variety of silhouettes and cuts to create an endless array of autumn-ready looks that you’ll love.


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