How to Style Capri Pants

How to Style Capri Pants

It's summer and with the incoming heat, finding alternatives to pants is a must. Sometimes shorts are the answer. Sometimes, you need something a little more modest. The solution? Capri pants!

Made in a variety of different styles and colors, capris can work for almost all casual situations and a decent number of formal ones as well. They are a little shorter than pants, though how short depends on your body type and your style. First, let's look at how capris should fit, then let's see what kind of outfits we can make!

How to Wear Capri Pants

The trick with capri pants is for them to be the correct length for your legs. Capris come in different lengths, from pedal-pushers ending just below the knee to longer pairs that reach a little past the calves. Choosing the right length for your particular legs is important for building outfits with capris. If your capris are too long, they look like ill-fitting pants. If they are too short, they can visually widen the legs.

In general, having the hemline reach past the widest part of your calf is the best bet. After the calf, your leg narrows to your ankle, and exposing this tapering will make your legs appear slimmer to the observer. If you have thicker calves, go with a longer hemline; if you have thinner calves, see what a shorter hemline looks like. Skinny calves that need to be visually widened can put the hemline at the widest part of the calf, while pedal pushers look best on those who have a narrow area between their knee and their calf.

As for fit, a slim or straight leg is usually advisable. High-waisted pants help your legs look longer, while low- and mid-rise pants will lengthen your torso. It all depends on you!

Now for the outfits!

Classy Capris

If you were going for a sophisticated city look, capris can be a great addition to your wardrobe! Monochrome colors are solid staples, but there are some fun patterns that look trés chic as well. Having a tapered pair of black capris with a women's white blouse and black pumps is an elegant look—especially with a statement purse! If your capris are well-fitting, your blouse and shoes are of good material, and your purse is cute, this could totally work in any but the strictest of work environments.

Another great look is white or tan capris with a light pink or salmon blouse. With matching sandals and a cute pair of sunglasses, this is an excellent look for cafes, brunches, and catching up with the girls. You could also match those white capri pants with a collared blue and white checkered shirt if you want to have fun with some patterns. Raise the level with low wedge heels, and your look is complete.

The final outfit filed under "classy" is for those who want to be bold and don't mind drawing eyes. Go for pink capris. Yes, pink capris. Pair them with a black and white striped top and some nude heels or sandals, and you will have made your statement. If you feel like you'd like this outfit to be a little more casual, try a jean jacket as an over layer.

Chill Capris

Here are some combos for the laid-back ladies! Because capris are shorter, they are actually naturally a bit more informal. If you choose styles that are made of comfortable material and a little less fitted, they are practically lounge pants. Before we get too close to pajamas though, let's start with jeans. Jean capris with a white women's shirt make for a classic combo that can take you to any park or barbecue you feel like going to this summer. Remember your tote, grab a pair of sandals, and you are ready.

Another cute look is the faux-military style. You have to have the attitude to back this one up as well as an army green pair of pants. These should fit you well, or you risk the baggy cargo pants style. Match it with a black women's V-neck t-shirt on top. For shoes, as long as they are black, anything from sandals to ankle strap heels will work well with this outfit.

The final combination is a true lounge look fit for a lazy Saturday. Striped capris with an elastic waistband, loose enough to give you your full range of motion, paired with a flowy white top and bare feet fit right in with a summer morning in the sunlight sipping iced tea or coffee while laying on the couch.

With outfits for both formal and informal occasions, you are ready to take on capris as a summer piece in your wardrobe this season. Find the capris that work for you, and have fun creating these outfits and your own with your new clothes.


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