How to Style a Bomber Jacket

How to Style a Bomber Jacket

A bomber jacket is instantly recognizable for its fighter pilot flair. These jackets normally fall at your waist, though more relaxed versions may land lower, with cuffs that hug your wrists. You can find all kinds of bomber jackets — made of leather, satin, or cotton — in every color you want.

It's one of those pieces that is entirely adaptable to your aesthetic, depending on what you wear with it and how you choose to style it. Whatever your approach to fashion, a bomber jacket will always add a little something extra to both men and women's outfits. Find the ideas here that light your fire and explore all the ways you can love your bomber jacket even more this season.

Casual and Cool

To keep your look casual and cool, throw on a graphic women's tee shirt underneath your bomber jacket and you'll strike a great balance. If your jacket is made of a more casual material like cotton, you can always shake it up and wear a chic women's cotton tank tops underneath instead. Pair your top with your favorite jeans and canvas shoes and you've got an easy outfit to wear on your way to grab a coffee or to pick up the kids from school. Add a beanie or other women's hat during cooler months to top off your ensemble and you'll be turning heads every day.

One thing to keep in mind is that you'll usually want to go for jeans with a slim or straight leg, instead of boot cut or belled out, to create cleaner visual lines. You can always turn up the volume a little with boyfriend jeans and ankle booties, or try on a mini skirt and tall boots. Want something a little more low-key? A pair of loafers or flats will turn you into a down-to-earth bombshell instead. For men, kick it up a notch with a pair of women's loafers or Chelsea boots.

Luxe Leisure

When you want to mix some edge and elegance together, a shirt with a crew or round neckline is a great base to start with. Because of the more rounded collar of a bomber jacket, V-necks and turtlenecks aren't our first suggestion, though you're always allowed to break the mold. You can choose between short and long sleeves, depending on the temperature outside. Paired with informal dress pants, your bomber becomes an iconic alternative to a work blazer.

You can also throw your bomber jacket over a cotton summer dresses in any style. A fit and flare type will flow playfully under the cut of your jacket, while a maxi dress will get more definition and shape at the waist. Anything that helps you feel high fashion with the least amount of effort is always the way to go. Incorporating small hoop earrings will help draw attention to your face, as well as the unique cut of a bomber jacket's collar. Grab some luxurious-looking sunglasses to really sell it, and finish the look off with a purse you love to show off and you're good to go.

Street Style

Bomber jackets are easily one of the coolest streetwear styles of outerwear. You don't need to be a city slicker to embody the understated style of smart fashion. One easy way to stay on trend is to choose a long tunic top to wear under your jacket so that you can see your shirt beyond the end of the jacket waist. Playing with proportion is key when trying out more contemporary styles. You can pair the look with sleek dark leggings or skinny jeans and choose between fashion sneakers or high tops. Feel free to mix and match patterns and colors here as well, since street style is all about making your own mark. For those clever but dapper vibes, wear a men's hoodie underneath for the ultimate in streetwear.

You can go for anything from leggings to jeans to windproof workout pants — the more free and creative you get with it, the better. Because bomber jackets are usually thinner, you can also comfortably add a heavier coat over your look if the temperature starts to cool down. A long tan trench over your bomber sounds strange, but it looks super street-stylish. Add that hat you've been looking for a reason to wear and keep your smile on all day long.

Bomber jackets let you play up different parts of your personality, depending on how you style them. They're super adaptable and versatile and can act as a mirror into your mood for any given day. Add a canvas tote bag to your look for an easy-going outfit, or grab something a little more chic and it'll instantly transform you from laid-back to luxe. Don't forget to bring along a cool pair of aviator sunglasses to really complete the picture.


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