How to Style a Sundress for Fall

How to Style a Sundress for Fall

You finally found the perfect sundress. It's cute, a great color, and fits you flawlessly. You've worn it as much as you could, or maybe you found it a little late in the season, but now the weather is starting to change. Fall is coming. Are sundresses summer-bound? Or can they be styled for some of the colder months? The good news is, the answer is definitely the second one.

Yes! Your summer dress can be worn into autumn and maybe even winter, depending on how cold it is where you live. You just need a few tweaks, so you don't freeze. Here are some tips for how you can wear your summer sundress even in the fall.

Add a Hat

In the first few weeks of crispy winds, the sun is still strong, you just have a few chillier moments?—particularly in the evenings. You just need a little something to nod to the coming fall, so why don't you break out a charming fall women's hat? A black fedora with a slightly wider brim is a perfect way to acknowledge autumn while adding to your stylish look. Wearing one makes sense on so many levels. A hat provides shade when it's hot but also keeps your head warm when the temperature drops. The darker color recognizes the colder color palette, plus this piece helps to begin your wardrobe's transition into warmer clothes.

Add Boots

The next cold weather building block that works really well with a sundress is a pair of women's boots. Boots are a chic footwear choice as well as classic features of colder weather. While your hat is keeping your head warm, boots cover the other end of you and make sure your feet stay toasty. Boots are also definitely what you want to be wearing if you go pumpkin patch visiting or corn maze exploring. Of course, boots look great in general, but they work exceptionally well with dresses. Replace those summer sandals with some dark boots, and you will fit right into any fall event.

Add a Cardigan

The temperature is still dropping! Boots and hats are not enough, so add in an over layer. Cardigans make excellent initial overlayers. You can find thinner or thicker pieces, depending on what you are looking for, and they are usually made of delightfully comfy material. Since cardigans are open in the front, your sundress is still on full display, though it is becoming more and more balanced by the darker tones. If you can, coordinate the color of your cardigan with your hat and boots. The darker tones not only keep you warm but give your sundress an autumnal mood. Another light over layer option is an unbuttoned chambray shirt or a jean jacket. The blue wash is usually a good combination with a floral dress, and it works really well for those nights that are in between seasons.

Add a Sweater

If it is too cold for a cardigan, but you still want to wear your sundress, consider a chunky women's sweater. A sweater does cover the top of your dress, but it still leaves your skirt visible. Sweaters are delightful fall pieces and perfect for keeping warm. Since sweaters have a cozy vibe, they are also great for switching up your hat choice from a fedora to a dark beanie. Knit cable sweaters in neutral colors could make a good match with a floral dress print. A white v-neck sweater could also make a good combination, provided there is enough contrast to tell the difference between it and your skirt. Your sweater choice doesn't need to be the same color as your other fall pieces like your boots and hat, but all of them should be from a similar color palette.

Add Tights

For the final layer to keep out the chill of fall while still allowing you to wear your summer sundress, grab a pair of tights. Tights make a wonderful insulating layer, plus they come in thinner and thicker materials. This means you have options as the weather gets progressively colder. When paired with the other fall clothing pieces, your warm-weather dress switches smoothly to the snug category. Depending on your home climate and what exactly you are doing while in this outfit, you could perhaps even wear this combination into winter. Make your tights darker to both attract what little sunlight is left and access the autumn color palette. Your sundress never felt better than when you are pairing it with all of the comforts of these fall pieces.

With all of these ways to make your adorable summer sundress wearable in the colder months of the year, you can feel confident in keeping that favorite dress in your closet a little longer, even though summer is drawing to a close.


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