Styling a Scarf in the Spring Time

Styling a Scarf in the Spring Time

To instantly elevate any outfit, use a scarf as an accessory. If you want to wear one without feeling like your grandmother, we have all the tips and tricks on how to style your scarf this spring. Scarves aren’t just meant for those chilly weather days. They're also meant for accessorizing in the springtime, especially as we do the transition from chilly winter to a brisk spring. With so many options out there on how to tie a scarf, we’ve put together some easy options for how to style a scarf in the springtime.

Choosing Spring Colors

You’ll want to choose scarves for spring that come in quintessential spring colors and patterns. Besides florals, spring patterns may include spring vegetables or animals like rabbits. As for colors, you’ll be wearing some light blues, corals, and pastel green. The new Pantone color for 2022, Very Peri, is a beautiful mix of red-violet and blue that also bodes well for spring scarves.

Drape Once Around Your Neck

Simply drape the scarf once around your neck to have a carefree look. This scarf look is perfect for scarves with fun details like frayed edges. This is an easy look to style when your scarf has pom poms or tassels that would make it difficult to tie more than once around your neck. Wear the draped scarf with a white midi dress and tan mule heels. To accessorize, complete your look with a crochet bag or tote bag.

Wrap Around Scarf

This look is similar to draping the scarf around your neck, except you cross the two ends together and then tighten the loop it makes. For a bit of a playful look, you can just put the knot to the side to look slightly off center and relaxed. You can wear this scarf style with one of our bright women’s Supima® cotton sweaters in spring colors like yellow and

pink along with jeans and white booties.

Keep Knots at the Ends

If you have an exceptionally long scarf, don’t trip all over your scarf. Instead, tie knots at both ends and let the scarf rest around your neck, so you have the knot ends sitting at either side of you. For a spring look, do this with a cerulean, light green, or coral scarf. You can even throw a belt around your midriff to wear a belted scarf. This kind of scarf style bodes well with a women’s cardigan sweater.

Double Knot It Like a Pendant

Instead of wearing a necklace, double knot your scarf and have it rest in the middle of your body to look like a pendant necklace. This elegant look is perfect with a sweater dress. If you’re working from home or looking for a casual yet stylish look, go for our women’s lounge crew neck dress as part of our latest Slounge collection. The soft jersey fabric makes this dress so comfy, you can practically sleep in it. Wear this dress with the double knotted pendant scarf. If you love this dress, be sure to check out all of our women’s dresses.

Do the French Twist

The French twist offers a touch of classic sophistication. If you’ve ever wondered how the airline stewards tie their scarves, here’s how. Take the opposite corners of the scarf and alternate folding inward towards the center of the scarf around your neck. Center the scarf in front of your neck. Wrap the scarf around, crossing the ends behind your neck, and pull forward. Tie one single knot centered underneath your chin. Twist it slightly to one side and tie a double knot and let the ends hang loosely. The French twist can be worn with almost any kind of top from v-neck long sleeve t-shirts for women to collared shirts.

Tie It Around a Hat

Give your straw hat some love by tying your scarf around the band of your hat. This is a sweet look that pairs well with a floral or pastel dress. If you’d like to mix a little edge into your outfit, you can wear a denim jacket, a straw hat with the scarf around it, white jeans, and a t-shirt. It’s a little bit casual and a little bit irreverent, and it’s got all the right amounts of fun yet sophisticated.

Put a Scarf on Your Bag

If you have a bigger scarf that looks or feels more like a shawl, tying a scarf around your bag is a neat way to transport it. It also adds a little personality to any neutral or plain purse that can use an accent piece. Let’s say you’re commuting or headed into the office with the AC on full blast. You’ll want a scarf to keep you nice and cozy, and the easiest way to transport it besides stuffing it into the bottom of your bag is to tie it neatly around the handles of your purse. The scarf around the bag trick is ideal for tying around a canvas tote bag.

Now that you know all the ways to style your scarf this spring, you’ll look and feel oh-so-chic. Don’t forget your sunglasses and get out there as you wear your new favorite scarf with confidence.


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