How To Style a Kid’s Plaid Shirt for Back to School

How To Style a Kid’s Plaid Shirt for Back to School

Back-to-school season means fresh kids’ clothes for your little ones. Styles featuring plaid shirts are common outfits for school settings. These tops come in a range of colorways, patterns, prints, and sizes for kids of all ages—plus, there are plenty of ways to wear them. Kids might tuck their plaid shirts completely into their bottoms, leave part of the shirt hanging out, tie the hem, or layer the entire hem over their bottoms. Finally, plaid shirts look great layered with other tops and jackets—especially for chillier conditions. Keep reading for our tips on styling plaid shirts.

Short or Long-Sleeved T-Shirts

A popular way for boys and girls to layer a plaid shirt is with a short or long-sleeved T-shirt. Kids can button up their shirts and have a bit of the tee peeking out from underneath or leave the entire shirt open to reveal whatever graphics their T-shirts might feature. If they’re wearing a colorful shirt, they can wear a solid tee underneath.

Denim Jackets

Denim jackets are popular fashion pieces. Usually, denim jackets in light, medium, or dark-washed blue are the most worn. However, kids full of personality might desire to find the jacket that best matches their style. You can have fun discovering denim jackets in shades such as hot pink, pastels, black, and so much more. Plus, denim jackets might feature cool embellishments, such as faux pearls, buttons, rhinestones, sequins, buckles, and distressing. Various denim jackets layer well over plaid shirts. Neutral-toned jackets will match most of their shirts, so it’s smart to stock up on at least one classic blue jacket and perhaps one statement-making denim piece.


A hoodie paired with a plaid shirt is an extremely casual outfit choice that’ll keep kids nice and cozy in chilly classrooms. Who doesn’t love a comfortable, go-to hoodie? Solid hoodies will pair well with most of their shirts. However, discover kids’ hoodies featuring sporty details, graphics from their favorite cartoons, and more eye-catching designs too. For ultimate comfort, look for hoodies with a fleece lining that provides warmth. Bonus points if the hoodie features pockets for warmth for their hands and additional storage.


Boys and girls might want to style comfortable cardigans over their favorite plaid shirts. Fitted cardigans might lend a preppy look to their overall outfit if that’s their style. Or consider flowy or chunky-knit cardigans. Whatever the case, these layers will provide kids with more warmth. Look for cardigans made of wool, cotton, or other quality materials.


Whether your kids love straight or skinny jeans, jeans are a great choice to pair with shirts. Jeans come in all types of designs—classic blue, distressed, black, and so much more. Look for jeans featuring embellishments, such as rhinestones, fading, distressing, and studs. They can kick their plaid shirt outfits up a notch by pairing their jeans with a denim jacket.


A great pair of straight-cut chinos is a must-have for your kids’ school-ready closet. Khaki, stone, or light grey are versatile colors for chinos. Consider other shades, too, like pastels or bright yellows and reds. Chinos can match with various plaid shirts.


Girls’ leggings are the epitome of cozy comfort. Plus, leggings go with almost any apparel piece, including plaid shirts. Oversized plaid shirts look especially great when paired with leggings. Stock up on a range of black, white, gray, or any other solid leggings to match all their plaid shirts. You can also consider rainbow, unicorn, star, or other graphics when picking out new leggings to try.

Skirts and Skorts

For girls, consider styling their plaid shirts with a skirt or skort. Find their favorite skirt style, from knee-length to maxi girls’ skirts. Then, they can tuck in their plaid shirt or leave it hanging out. Alternatively, skorts offer that same look as skirts but have shorts built inside for extra coverage. Skorts are common in school settings and great for that coverage because of all the movement girls must do throughout the day.


Overalls are popular staples for boys and girls. Their bagginess paired with a plaid shirt underneath looks stylish. Kids can style overalls in multiple ways, such as rolling up the hem or styling one strap unbuckled. Find denim overalls in classic blue washes or their favorite color. Or look for overalls made of linen, cotton, or other materials.

Tie Everything Together

Accessories can kick their plaid shirt outfits up a notch. Backpacks and belts are necessary and can also be stylish. Once winter rolls around, they’ll need cozy winter accessories. Find accessories both girls and boys will love, such as hats, jewelry, sunglasses, and watches. Your kids might want one statement-making piece to bring their outfits to life. Finally, look for shoes fit for their Monday through Friday schedules, such as comfortable sneakers, loafers, leather flats, and sandals.

We hope we’ve offered ideas for your kids’ plaid shirt outfits. Mix and match apparel pieces, shoes, and accessories to figure out what works and doesn’t. Find ways to layer once the weather takes a dip. Finally, make sure the outfits allow your kiddos to show off their personality and style.


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