5 Ways to Style a Flannel Shirt for the Fall

5 Ways to Style a Flannel Shirt for Fall

Channel some rustic Americana this fall with flannel. Flannel shirts are the answer to fall weather, color, and all-around vibes. For pumpkins, apple picking, and leaf-peeping, nothing is more fall-appropriate than a warm and fuzzy flannel shirt. Flannel shirts seem to be made for the autumn months, which is why we’re particularly excited about styling them this fall. Easy to style and even easier to wear, it’s no wonder that flannel shirts are wildly trendy.

At one point, flannel shirts were on the fringe of fashion, reserved for farmers and woodsmen. Lucky for us this no longer stands true. Flannel shirts have taken the mainstream fashion world by storm, decking out men, women, and children alike in plaid, checks, colors, and the soft, furry, warm fuzz that makes flannel so lovable. Enjoy flannel season this fall with some simple styling ideas and tips that will have you feeling and looking great.

With Jeans

Another cultural classic is denim jeans—they make any outfit outstanding. Pairing flannel shirts with jeans this fall is a perfect way to ring in all those autumn feels. Wear a fitted pair of women’s jeans with a long, loose-fitting flannel shirt for a nice balancing contrast in your outfit. You can also explore a subtle retro look by wearing a more fitted flannel shirt with some high-rise jeans. This look runs true for the entire family, too. Kids and men can also rock this effortless look to stay comfortable, cozy, and stylish all fall long.

With Turtlenecks

One of the best parts of fall, besides the delicious pumpkin spice latte, is the return of sweater weather. Our most beloved sweaters have been hibernating all summer, waiting for the late summer and fall months when we pull them out from the back of our closets. Turtlenecks offer an unparalleled flair of sophistication that can even slightly dress up the casual flannel shirt.

We love the look of a chic black turtleneck worn under a warm-colored flannel. The black sweater neck creates a great contrast with the warm and busy colors of a flannel shirt. Turtlenecks are classy, and flannels are down-to-earth, striking an ideal contrast of style. The added perk is that turtlenecks add an extra layer of warmth to the already toasty flannel. This is an appropriate look for an outdoor gathering where you want to be sure you stay warm. Wear your flannel with some skinny jeans, and you’ve got a flawless fall outfit.

With Leggings

Cuddle up on the couch by a fire with your flannel shirt, wooly socks, and some ultimate comfort leggings. This go-to fall outfit is one of the coziest easiest to put on. This look is not only great to wear while hanging around the house, but is also utterly stylish for a night out on the town. Wear with some knee-high leather boots or ankle booties and finish it off with a leather or denim jacket for a casual chic look that is perfectly fitted for fall.

With Boots

Another fall favorite, boots pair just as well with flannel shirts as jeans and leggings. Time to start putting away the sandals and pulling out all of your cute and stylish boots. When picking out a pair of boots with a flannel shirt, choose those that are of complementary colors. For example, wear some cognac colored leather boots with black leggings and a flannel shirt that boasts warm tones of brown, red, and orange. Not only will you match the leaves and pumpkins, but you’ll also be ready for the pumpkin patch!

This style also works wonderfully for men. Pair some great rustic-looking leather boots with a men’s flannel shirt for the ultimate rugged yet city-slick look. This pairing works great in the countryside or the city. Either way, everyone loves a good boots-and-flannel combo.

With Linen

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves quite yet. As excited as we are for sweaters and boot season, we are also still enjoying some sunny and warm autumn days. If that’s the weather forecast, you’ll want to wear something light and breathable beneath your flannel shirt. Linen shirts are perfect for those warmer fall days. The texture of linen offers a compelling contrast against the fuzziness of flannel, and will keep you cool while the flannel offers that little bit of warmth. Great for sunny fall days, a linen T-shirt under a flannel shirt will have you looking and feeling fabulous.

Flannel shirts are just as exciting as pumpkin spice and cashmere sweaters—perfect for a wide variety of occasions, and just about anything in-between. Wear to laze around the house, enjoy outdoor activities, or socialize, and you’ll be cozy, cool, and seasonal all at once.


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