How to Style a Dark Denim Wash for Winter 2021

How to Style a Dark Denim Wash for Winter 2021

Trends come and go, sometimes more quickly than we like, and jeans are no exception. We had a good number of years during which skinny jeans were in style, and now people are saying that it’s wide-legged jeans that are in. Yet, ironically, people are still wearing skinny jeans and looking great in them. If there’s any key takeaway from this confusion, it is that the really good trends (such as skinny jeans) never truly go out of style. Instead, it’s that other trends come and take the spotlight for a little bit. And considering the wide variety of denim trends on the scene in 2021, it’s good to know that we can continue to wear whatever jeans are comfortable for us. However, there is one more thing to consider other than style: color. Light denim “mom jeans” took the stage in summer, but winter is all about dark-wash denim. If you want to get in on this trend (because it really is a good one), here are our tips on styling women’s black jeans this winter.

First, Know How Faded You Want Them

There are dark-wash jeans that can be so dark that they look black, and then there are dark-wash jeans that are more faded, looking more grey. The first thing to remember is that the darker the jean, the more formal they will look. That’s not to say that you’re going to wear them to a formal event like a wedding or holiday party, but some look so much like dress pants that you can even get away with wearing them to the office. On the other hand, jeans that are more faded look more like, well, jeans. As a result, they’ll look more casual. This winter, dark-wash denim comes in a variety of washes, so consider how often you dress casually versus how often you dress formally when choosing dark-wash denim that you’ll actually wear.

Distressed Dark-Wash Denim for Winter: Is It Worth It?

Like you did over the past summer, you’ll still see distressed denim this winter, meaning some jeans will even have holes in them. For winter, however, that trend isn’t very realistic if you live in a cold climate. Thankfully, most of the dark-denim trends for 2021 involve jeans that are a little less “air-conditioned.” You’ll be more in style this winter if you avoid the holes than if you opt for a completely distressed look.

Wear Them With a White Sweater

Tuck a lightweight white women’s sweater into your dark-wash denim for a contrasting look that never goes out of style. Or wear a chunky cropped white or off-white sweater. White turtlenecks also look great tucked into dark-wash denim jeans. As for the fit, again, it really doesn’t matter. You’ll see lots of wide-legged, high-waisted dark jeans as well as cropped and ankle-length jeans, but don’t feel like you have to conform to any of the styles out there if they’re not comfortable on you. Wear whatever type of dark wash jeans feels good on you with your white sweater, even if it’s jeggings with some cute knee-high boots.

Pair Them With a Patterned Blouse

A billowy women’s blouse tucked into a pair of dark-wash denim is definitely in style this winter. And the fun thing about winter trends this year is that you’ll see lots of different bright colors and patterns. People are taking themselves less seriously, with the aim of being more self-expressive than stifled under dark winter colors. So get yourself some fun blouses, even animal print ones, and see how great they look with your dark-wash jeans.

Keep It Cozy

It is winter, after all, and you’ll want to be comfortable and warm whenever you can. With loungewear being so versatile these days—even passing as work-leisure attire at times—you can feel confident knowing you can still wear comfy tops with your jeans and still look put-together. If you need to elevate your look while still looking good enough to go out on the town, try a cashmere turtleneck with your dark jeans. Cashmere has a way of making you look dressed up while feeling amazing against your skin. If you’re hanging out on the weekend or meeting up with friends for coffee, stick to whatever baggy sweatshirt or hoodie you prefer. Black jeans look good with almost anything.

Experiment with Different Footwear

It’s sometimes surprising how switching shoes can make the same outfit look completely different. Heading out the door with black jeans and sneakers, for example, gives off a casual vibe. But heading out the door with the same black jeans and heels or leather boots says, “I’m going out!” Especially if you match your shoes to your jacket—like leather boots with a leather jacket, for example—the footwear you choose to wear with your dark-wash denim can make a big difference. Keep that in mind while choosing your outfit.

Although you can certainly keep wearing your favorite jeans, the dark denim trend is flattering, versatile, and definitely worth trying out this winter.

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