How to Style a Cashmere Sweater for Work

How to Style a Cashmere Sweater for Work

Don’t you love cashmere? This fabulous fiber makes for the softest and most luxurious of sweaters. If you are wondering how to wear and pair a cashmere sweater for work, Lands’ End has your back. Let’s look at some easy solutions to make you look and feel great in your cashmere sweater at work.

Cashmere Sweater With Dress Pants

The easiest way to wear a cashmere sweater for work is to pair it with black dress pants and black flats or heels. For this look, a cashmere turtleneck or tunic-styled sweater are both great choices. Wearing black pants and shoes isn’t a rule for this ensemble, but they are an easy, classic, and office-friendly choice. For a more formal day with lots of meetings, consider a winter white cashmere sweater. Neutrals are always on point for business casual. If you have a slightly more casual or business casual office, go for a pretty pastel in pink, yellow, green, or blue. Bright colors are also fun. A cobalt blue is a good power color for work as it will look both conservative and confident.

Cashmere Sweater With a Skirt

Consider pairing your cashmere sweater with a neutral-colored pencil skirt or midi-skirt for an easy step up in business casual. When choosing a sweater and skirt to pair, keep the overall silhouette in mind. You will want to look “even” from head to toe. If you choose a chunky sweater, a straight or A-line skirt will work well. Also, keep the perceived weight of the fabrics in mind. Although cashmere is lightweight, it looks fluffy, so it needs a medium or heavy-weight fabric to go with it. Wool can be a nice choice.

Cashmere Cardigan as a Third Piece

A cashmere cardigan can make a beautiful statement piece to wear to work. It’s one of those “I just threw it on and look fabulous” garments. For an easy work option, pair a lovely cream, pastel, or brightly colored cashmere cardigan with black dress pants and a black shell or tank top. This will give your beautiful cashmere focal point the backdrop that it deserves.

Cashmere cardigans are wonderful for wearing around the house, too. If you want to be comfy and look great, add one to leggings with a white T-shirt. Whether you're enjoying a cup of tea and your favorite book or heading out to meet a friend for lunch, this combination will keep you cute and comfy.

Cashmere Sweater Under a Blazer

For the ultimate in cashmere sweater workwear, add a blazer and coordinating dress pants. Sometimes we think of cashmere as being a thick fabric (and therefore not a good choice for a blazer), but it's more fluffy than thick. As long as your cashmere sweater is cut similarly to a loosely fitted blouse, it will look great under a blazer. Keep the temperature of your office and the weight of your blazer in mind if you opt for this ensemble. You will want the blazer to look medium to heavy weight to coordinate with the cashmere sweater, but you will want to be comfy, too. Many offices have cold spots where women end up wearing heavy sweaters or even bringing throws to use at their desks. If you often sit near a cold spot, a cashmere sweater and blazer can be a stylish way to stay warm.

When pairing a cashmere sweater with a blazer and pants, keep the “less is more” rule in mind. Cashmere has a beautiful and unique texture to it, so you will want to keep the texture of your pants and blazer understated to balance this out. Matching solid colors for both the pants and blazer are an easy and elegant choice.

Cashmere Sweater and Black Yoga Pants for a Video Meeting

If you have a remote or hybrid position, you can still look great for those video meetings. Instead of going for a head-to-toe business casual ensemble (or just wearing pajama pants on the bottom), consider pairing a cashmere tunic sweater with black women’s yoga pants. You will look great on camera for your meeting, be comfy, and be ready to go for anything from running errands to a date night when the workday is done.

When you look back on iconic movie stars like Audrey Hepburn, think about how often you would see them in a gorgeous sweater with understated black pants and simple shoes. Why not add your favorite earrings and a pair of black ballet flats for a fabulous look? You will not only love this look, but it's almost as comfy as wearing your favorite pajamas.

With a bit of planning, your cashmere cardigan will become a beautiful go-to garment for work. Never compromise on looking great and feeling comfy!


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