How to Store Your Summer Clothes During Winter

How to Store Your Summer Clothes During Winter

Yes, it’s time to put away those summer clothes, but you have those cozy fall and winter ones to get out! Let’s look at the best ways to store your summer clothes during the winter.

Look on the Bright Side and Organize

Everyone has a favorite season. If summer is yours, reminisce a bit as it’s ending. Get out your phone and look at the summer pics you took. Text or email some of them to friends or family or post them on social media. This can be a fun way to say goodbye to summer and start getting ready for winter activities like sipping cocoa by a fire or playing in the snow.

Declutter your closet of any summer clothing that is stained, ripped or just isn’t “you” anymore. Repair, donate or toss depending upon the item. If you like to wear white tops during the summer (and who doesn’t?), inspect them closely for perspiration stains or just plain “dinginess.” If you can’t bleach it back to a respectable shade of white, toss it. Look at all your summer clothes and identify the ones you can wear into winter. Neutral colored tops and long pants can be year-round wardrobe staples. Even if you think of it as a “summer top,” would that women’s T-shirt look good under a cardigan or blazer? If so, don’t put it away just yet.

What About a Winter Vacation?

If you are in that fortunate category of planning a winter vacation to a warm climate, be careful about how much of your vacation clothing you store and how “deeply” you store it. If possible, simply move your summer duds to the back of your closet or to a lower drawer in a bureau. That way you can have all those beautiful sweaters and cozy jackets at the ready but will still have easy access to those fun summer items.

If you are positive that you will be taking a winter vacation, you can even “store” a few of your favorite summer things in a suitcase and be that much ahead of the game when it comes time to pack. This works best with clothing that is practically wrinkle-proof like most swimwear, beach cover-ups, and your go-to women’s shorts. And besides, “pre-packing” is fun! If you’re like most of us and will be staying where it’s cold this winter, don’t fret. Those shorts and sandals will be even more of a treat when the weather turns warm again.

To Store Swimwear or Not to Store Swimwear

Swimsuits are another one of those “do you really need to store it?” categories. If you only swim during the summer, then “yes.” If you plan to get to an indoor pool, sauna, or jacuzzi at the gym this winter, make sure to keep one or two basic swimsuits available. Other beachwear like sandals that aren’t waterproof, most beach cover-ups, and any shirt and short sets can be packed away.

Summer Dresses

If you have closet space, most summer dresses can be stored by placing them on a wooden hanger and simply moving them to the back of your closet or perhaps another closet in your home. If you are short on closet space and have lots of sundresses, however, your best bet is to store them in cotton bins. These will allow the fabric to breathe while keeping out dust and pests. For any formal summer dresses or dresses made with delicate fabrics like linen or lace, it’s best to hang them on a wooden hanger and keep them in a dress bag to protect them.

Always strive to store your clothing at room temperature and in a dry area of your home. Under no circumstances should you store clothing in an attic or basement. The extreme heat of attics and the natural humidity of basements aren’t good for your clothes. If you are concerned about possible humidity in storage containers, put a couple of silica packets in the bottom to help keep your clothing dry.

Summer Footwear

Make sure to put away well those adorable strappy sandals and other summer shoes. You will want them to stay free from extreme temperatures, dust, and humidity as well as stay “shaped” in their original form to avoid creases where possible. Consider shoe trees or filling the toes with tissue paper for shaping. Wrapping individual sandals or shoes in tissue paper and putting them away in shoeboxes is a great option. Any shoe storage container that will keep them free from dust and won’t scrunch them will probably work. Make sure your shoes and sandals are clean before you pack them away. This is better for the shoe, and they will look great and be ready to wear as soon as the warm weather comes back.

Now that you have your summer clothes stored away go enjoy one of those cozy sweaters and a cup of cocoa!


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