How to Store Entertaining Supplies

How to Store Entertaining Supplies

With these simple hacks for how to easily store your entertaining supplies, staying tidy won’t feel nearly so daunting. Perhaps you have kids and thus have a big bin of streamers, banners, unicorn cups and plates, and candles stuffed in the back of the closet. Or maybe you like to have a corner of the pantry stuffed with kooky cocktail cups, pitchers, and serving platters. Declutter your home by finding the best way to store entertainment and party supplies. This way they last longer and are more easily accessible, too.

Designated Buffet or Hutch

If you have a spare piece of furniture in the house that is home to various odds and ends that likely need to be cleaned out anyway, this is the perfect place to organize your entertainment supplies. The great part about buffet- or hutch-style pieces of furniture is that they have various storage elements, such as cabinets, drawers, and shelving. Take full advantage of this diversity of space and use them to store different entertainment items. Fold tablecloths and store larger pieces, such as glass drink dispensers, inside the hutch or buffet for seamless organization, and to keep all your party supplies together. These sturdy furniture pieces are especially great for more delicate items such as ceramic cake holders, glasses, and serving bowls. Take your organizational skills to the next level by writing labels for each shelf or section of the furniture to ensure that everything stays where it belongs. This is also a great option for storing throw blankets.

Wire Baskets and Storage Bins

Designate a corner of your pantry or a closet to store party and entertainment supplies with wire baskets, canvas storage bins, and canning jars. The varied shapes and sizes of these containers make them perfect for storing your wide variety of entertainment supplies. This is a great option for tucking away party plates, cups, candles, recyclable cutlery, party favors, tablecloths, cocktail umbrellas, and all that good stuff. These storage items are easy to label and are also accessible so you can see and access your entertainment supplies easily.

Over-the-Door Shoe Hanger

You’re likely already familiar with over-the-door shoe hangers. But did you know they make great party storage, too? Find a lesser-used closet door in your house (ideally near the kitchen), drape this handy storage unit over the door, and voila — you have an organizer’s dream. Though this isn’t ideal for glassware, it’s perfect for other entertainment odds and ends that would otherwise get lost or misplaced. The pockets are all clear and easy to label to make things quick to find and put away later. This arrangement is perfect for smaller items such as streamers, reusable straws, cocktail umbrellas, napkins, coasters, and party bags.

Kitchen Drawer Organizer

Repurpose an empty or cluttered drawer with a kitchen drawer organizer to store your entertainment supplies. This is a great option to neatly store candles, cupcake liners, toothpicks, cocktail stirrers, mini paper serving cups, and any other small party items. This arrangement is simple, sweet, and so utterly organized you’ll wonder why you never thought of this before.

Adjustable Shelving

These epic wire adjustable shelves are easy to install in any closet or pantry space and are just as easy to arrange according to your needs. They can be found at most home supply stores or online. The simple wire racks make everything easy to see and are sturdy enough to hold heavier items such as glass drink dispensers, serving bowls, and cake stands. If you are looking to turn an entire closet space into an entertainment supply room, then this is the best option for you! Outfit individual shelves with other storage bins or containers to help keep everything together. Use more far-reaching shelf space to store more seasonal entertainment supplies, such as holiday decorations, needlepoint Christmas stockings, and wrapping paper.

Use some of your leftover energy from spring cleaning to tidy up some space for party storage. You’ll be amazed at how efficiently you can store your entertaining supplies. With these simple entertainment and party supply hacks, it will be easier than ever.


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