How to Stay Warm if Your Office Feels Cold

How to Stay Warm if Your Office Feels Cold

Getting back to the office is a welcome event for some of us. It’s nice to get out and socialize a bit with our colleagues and remind ourselves that collaboration can happen in person too. What probably hasn’t changed in your office is that pesky temperature setting. There’s nothing worse than sitting at your desk, shivering, as you email away and keep all that data in order. So while you can’t control the thermostat at your office, what you can control is how you deal with it. After all, you’re nothing if not a fashion maven and cozy professional on the go.

The good news is that there are tons of fabulous options to keeping yourself comfortable while at work. Sweaters are a great first option but don’t stop there! Pants with an added layer of insulation and accessories from scarves to wooly socks keep you feeling warm. Plus, when the commute involves you braving the cold, you may as well keep your closet stocked with items that will be useful at work and during the ride there and home. Read on for the best ways to keep yourself comfy all day while you’re at the grind.

The Cardigan Sweater

The cold office’s worst enemy is the classic women’s cardigan sweater. And that means it’s your best friend. We love the cocoon hemline because it offers a slightly delicate curve but is long enough to keep you toasty. This season’s rust-red and radiant navy are both robust tones that are office-appropriate. To amp up the luxury factor, check out a cashmere cardigan. There are more colors to choose from than you could possibly imagine. A few great wintry options are the driftwood brown Donegal or the midnight blue Donegal. Rich but still muted hues pair well with most winter color palettes.

Consider leaving one (or two) at the office for those mornings when you’re rushing out, coffee in hand, you can rest assured that you’ve got layers to cover you. Go for a more neutral color like the black or pearl gray heather Donegal so basically any outfit you pair it with will be good to go.

The Wool Sweater

If you tend to be cold all the time, bring on the warmest fabrics first thing in the morning when you get dressed. Wool offers cozy cabin vibes that you can take to the office. With several women’s wool sweaters to choose from you can keep a different one for each day of the workweek.

Our wooliest sweaters feature the popular mock neck or turtleneck which means you don’t have to worry about a scarf when you head out to warm up the car for your commute. The cozy cable knit comes in a few Donegal colors and the Fairisle print is this season’s classic, Scandinavian look. The spiceberry marl is bright and fun and is equally perfect for a holiday meal or party.

The Flannel Shirt

A solid standby is the flannel shirt. We can’t say no to a flannel shirt, ever. With a classic cut and the longer tunic cut, plus tons of patterns to choose from, a flannel shirt can save you from even the coldest presentations in the conference room. The tunic offers a flat neckline—also called the grandfather collar—adding a little visual interest to your ensemble. In plaids like district check and buffalo check, you can have some patterns layered underneath a cardigan or jacket. Tuck in the shirt under the jacket for a look that’s especially tidy and put together.

Flannel is ultra-wearable which is why we love it so much. The suppleness of the weave makes it feel like loungewear, but the collars keep it looking professional. Plus, when you get home, you can leave the jacket at the door and ease into some comfier pants for the evening meal or playtime with your kids. Keep it in the rotation for weekend errands or that nature hike you’ve been planning. It’s truly the most versatile winter item.

Under Layers

One of the best ways to ensure maximum warmth is to start from the base. Our silk interlocking underwear leggings offer maximum insulation with minimum heaviness. The fabric naturally wicks moisture and the construction offers a flat waistband to prevent bulkiness under your pants. They’re perfect under some high-rise jeans and even come in four colors including soft blue haze and mesa rose. While no one else can see them it’s sure nice to love your underlayers.

Silk is a dreamy fabric to have next to your skin, and with its warmth factor, you’ll be more comfortable in your chilly office than you could have imagined. Plus, when you go sledding with the kiddos or hit the slopes in the new year, you can throw them on for added protection against the elements. A quality pair of silk leggings goes a long way.

Staying warm in the office is key to making the day go by smoothly. You’ll leave, headed for home, with a smile on your face and the energy to hang with the family.

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