How to Stay Cool and Comfy at Pride this Summer

How to Stay Cool and Comfy at Pride this Summer

The first Pride march took place in New York City on June 28, 1970 to commemorate the first anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising. Today, Pride celebrations attract millions of people and take on a variety of events, including picnics, parties, workshops, and concerts. Since Pride Month falls in June, most of these activities take place outside. Whether you’re joining a parade or heading to a park, there are plenty of ways to stay cool and comfortable in the summer sun. Read on to discover tips and tricks for beating the heat at this year’s Pride.

Drink and Snack to Stay Hydrated

The best way to keep cool when the temperature rises is to stay hydrated. Your body will need the fluids to keep your internal cooling system functioning properly. If you’re heading outdoors, fill a bottle to take with you. Water is best, but unsweetened ice tea, coconut water, and electrolyte drinks will help keep you hydrated, too. No matter your choice, you’ll want to drink plenty and often. Pop in a few ice cubes to keep your drink cool. You can also add fresh cucumber, lemon, or a sprig of mint for added hydration and a more refreshing taste. Pack your water bottle in an insulated lunchbox for reliable cold beverage storage.

There are also plenty of foods that can help with hydration. Whether you’re marching in a parade or cheering from the sidelines, celebrating can take a lot of your energy. Prevent headaches, dizziness, and low blood sugar by keeping a few snacks on hand. Fresh watermelon is great for hydration, as are strawberries, peaches, oranges, and cantaloupe. You can also pack dried fruit or a bag of trail mix. Jerky, granola bars, vegetable chips, and popcorn are a few more convenient yet healthy snack options.

Freshen Up With Towels & Sprays

Even if you start the day with a shower and deodorant, it won’t be long before you’re sweating in the sun. To prevent any discomfort, keep a beach towel on hand to wipe away sweat and dry off. Wet your towel with cold water from your water bottle to create your own cooling towel. Wrap it around your neck and enjoy instant relief from the heat as the water begins to evaporate. If you find the towel too bulky, you can use a handkerchief or bandana instead. When it dries, simply wet it again and repeat to stay cool throughout the day.

You can create a similar effect by making your own mist spray. Simply fill a spray bottle with cold water and use it to spritz your face, armpits, wrists, neck, or back. As the water dries up, you will start to feel much cooler. For a refreshing twist, add natural ingredients like rose water, aloe vera, chamomile, or green tea to your mist. Wet wipes are another item to keep yourself from getting uncomfortably sticky. Stash some in your backpack to use whenever you need a quick wash. They’re ideal for wiping your face or giving your armpits a quick refresh. They also double as napkins for before and after snacking.

Shield Yourself From the Sun

Everyone needs a good dose of vitamin D, but you’ll still want to protect yourself from harmful UV rays. One of the best ways to avoid overexposure is to lather up with sunscreen. Whether you prefer a spray or cream, be sure to bring your bottle with you for reapplications throughout the day. Hats and headscarves are another way to shield yourself from the harmful effects of the sun. If you’re spending all day outside, these will protect your scalp, face, and neck from sunburn. Go for a cotton baseball cap to protect yourself and wick away excess sweat. This is a great way to show off your personal style too. Rep the Pride colors or your favorite LGTBQIA+ organization with your choice of design.

Don’t forget to take care of your eyes, which can also take damage from the sun. Your favorite sunglasses fit the bill and are another chance to show off your fashion sense. For all-out sun protection, consider taking an umbrella along. It will help block UV rays and keep you dry should it happen to rain.

Keep Your Outfit Loose and Light

Wearing relaxed clothing made from lightweight, breathable materials will help keep you cool and comfortable all day. Think airy cotton t-shirts and flowy silk tank tops that allow you to move freely and let your skin breathe. High-tech athletic pieces, like leggings and bike shorts, will help to wick moisture away. Don’t miss the Pride Collection at Lands’ End to discover new pieces for your wardrobe. We’ve got everything from t-shirts to swimsuits in vibrant colors and rainbow stripes.

Complete your look with a stylish pair of shoes that you can comfortably stand and walk in all day. Sneakers are always a classic choice for reliable cushioning and easygoing style. Be sure to wear them with a pair of moisture-wicking athletic socks for maximum comfort and breathability. If the idea of wearing socks in the heat is too much to bear, consider a pair of water shoes instead. These waterproof sandals will protect your feet, ensure you have a steady grip and allow your toes to breathe.

No matter how you choose to celebrate Pride this summer, these tips will help you stay cool and comfortable.


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