How to Stay Comfortable in Your Swimsuit During a Pool Party

How to Stay Comfortable in Your Swimsuit During a Pool Party

Ah, pool parties! They are one of the most fun parts of summer. How will you stay comfortable in your swimsuit with all that sun, fun, spraying, and splashing? Here are some ideas to keep you looking and feeling great.

Swim Skirts and Swim Dresses

Adding a skirt to a swimsuit is a great idea. Today’s swim skirts and swim dresses give you a bit more coverage than the average suit while allowing you all the freedom that you crave. Whether you are swimming, lounging, or keep little ones safe, that skirt will give you an instant outfit without having to add or change clothes.

Swim dresses create a graceful silhouette while keeping you comfy, too. Many of them have just a bit of flair to the skirt area of the dress for the hint of an A-line dress, which is one of the most universally flattering outlines you can find. It will also give you ease and coverage while getting in and out of the pool or bending over to pick up a beach bag or carry a kid.

Seeking a Little Support?

Your suit should do the job of supporting you so you can focus on having fun. In addition to fitting properly (no tight areas, sags, or bags even when wet), consider all your options when swimsuit shopping. Underwire swimsuits are a choice that many women love. If you usually wear underwires when you are more fully dressed and not planning on jumping into a pool, why would you want to go without one at a pool party? The right underwire should be so comfy that you don’t even notice it. If you do, double-check the sizing, or consider a slightly different style. Don’t compromise. You deserve comfy.

Tummy control swimsuits are another option if you like that smooth and supported feeling. Many swim skirts also come with built-in tummy control. See what suits you best.

To Swim or Not to Swim?

Unless you have committed to taking a swim class, swimming is optional. It’s summer after all—lounging is allowed. Maybe you have been looking forward to swimming or helping the little ones learn to swim or playing Marco Polo with the crew all week.

Or not. Perhaps a cool drink and a good conversation while watching everyone else in the pool are what you crave. You can wear your suit, get a little sun on your legs, and enjoy putting your feet up for a change. Pool parties are parties. They are supposed to be fun, and chances are there are old friends that you would love to catch up with or new friends that you would love to get to know. You can wear a swimsuit for sunning that stays dry, so opt for a beach cover-up that is more like a T-shirt dress or caftan, or just show up in capris and a casual top if you don’t even want to bother with a swimsuit. Enjoy the water if that’s what you want. You can be a gracious hostess or guest either way.

Toweling Off

Bring your own beach towel. This will give you the advantage of knowing that you have one that is the right size and will look “adult.” In addition to using it to dry off, you can wear it wrapped across your body like a dress or around your waist like a midi skirt, giving you a de facto cover-up that will work with a wet swimsuit. When buying a beach towel, check out the width and length in advance, and choose a nice thick one in a color or pattern that you like.

Coifed or Casual?

If you have a no-nonsense hairstyle, dive into the pool and enjoy the fun. Just rinse the chlorine from your hair afterward. If you prefer to stay more coifed, consider how you can do an easy post-swim hairstyle—a ponytail, loose braid, or just comb it out and slick it back a bit. Consider adding some hair conditioner right after rinsing out hair and smoothing it over a ponytail or braid. This will keep fly-aways in place as it dries, and when you rinse it out later, it’s like you have given yourself a deep conditioning treatment. Consider taking selfies with the crew before your hair gets wet unless you like action shots. Either way, the main thing is to have fun.

It is also your choice whether to get your hair wet, just like it’s your choice to swim or not to swim. If you prefer “good hair” and a leisurely day, you can always dip your toes in the water instead of going all in.

So… get comfy and enjoy that summer pool party!


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