How to Stand Out in a Virtual Interview

How to Stand Out in a Virtual Interview

While the format may be different, a virtual interview is just as important as an in-person interview. Although your previous experience and knowledge are the ultimate deciding factors for your future at the company, it never hurts to stand out with an awesome stylish outfit that will help your interviewers remember you in post-interview round deliberations. Deciding on an outfit should not be the most stressful part of the interview. Choosing from staples and pairing the right colors and patterns can ease the stress and allow you more time to focus on preparing for the tough questions you may be asked.

Before choosing any outfit, it is important to research the company’s dress code to ensure you abide by any company regulations and match the company's vibe. Maybe go beyond the company website and look up images from past conferences or search the names of those interviewing you to better understand the everyday dress code. For an interview, the age-old saying, “you can never be overdressed,” is usually a safe rule, but making sure you also dress to match the vibe of the company is just as important.

Color Coordinated

Standing out on the screen is more than the colors in your wardrobe. The background you pick can determine which color top you should wear for the big day. Find a serious background with sophisticated wall art or a neat and organized room behind you. A plain wall is boring and forgettable, and having too many things or revealing too much of your home behind you can be an overwhelming amount to reveal as you meet potential employers.

Once you settle on your background, it’s time to pick your top. Neutral tones may wash you out on screen. Pick a color that best compliments your skin tone. Jewel tones are usually a good option if you are not sure which color is your best. If prints are your style, a women’s blouse with a floral pattern or a dot pattern can add flare to your on-screen look.

Stay Cool

Interviews, either in person or online, are nerve-wracking, and getting nervous perspiration is natural, but making sure you are wearing clothes that help cool your body temperature or hide your sweat is very important to mask the nerves to your potential future employer. A women’s cotton shirt will help you stay cool and maintain professionalism. A shirt like the Cotton Poplin Peasant Shirt is professional and lightweight.

If the dress code is more casual, a T-shirt might suffice if you are very concerned about perspiration. A U-neck or pintuck tunic shirt is a nice spin on a classic T-shirt that dresses up the wardrobe staple. Or a ¾ sleeve top can make the classic T-shirt slightly less casual. A keyhole tunic top is an option if you are looking for a dressier version of the crew neck or V-neck T-shirt.

Add Layers

Women’s cardigans are a nice way to either add color to a more neutral top or tone down the bright color of a blouse by picking a more neutral cardigan. A long open cardigan sweater would offer a touch of professionalism to any outfit you choose to wear for your interview.

Pairing a cardigan over a women’s oxford shirt is a classic look. And choosing a short-sleeved oxford shirt can help keep you cool under your sweater while answering the hard-hitting questions posed by your interviewers. Cardigans can also be layered over tank tops. A simple solid-colored cotton tank top with a striped cardigan can be a nice way to add a patterned look and stand out to the interviewers on the screen. The opposite may also be an option; pairing a patterned tank top under a solid dark-colored cardigan can tone down a pattern on the screen but allow you to show some personality in your outfit choice.

Whatever outfit you choose to wear for your virtual interview, you'll be ready to answer any question that comes your way. Staying comfortable and stylish will make sure you are confident as you virtually present yourself to potential new employers. That confidence from your outfit choice will likely radiate through the screen as you nail all questions coming your way.

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