Spice Up a Bedroom with Unique Decor

How to Spice Up a Bedroom with Unique Decor

Our bedrooms are very important parts of our lives. While every room in our homes should feel special, from the magic of cooking up a storm in the kitchen to the comfort of starting a movie marathon in the living room, our bedrooms are where we go to unwind, to (hopefully) get restful sleep, and to relish in slow mornings when we can. Like every room in our home, many of us also use our bedrooms as a way to carve out a space that feels uniquely ours and fits within the aesthetics that we like best. After all, you want to love the space that you both start your day in and fall asleep in, right?

Because our bedrooms are so essential and spend so much time in them, it’s key to upgrade and refresh your decor every so often. Changing up a few things in your bedroom can make the space feel fresh and new, which can make it even more exciting to wake in the morning or feel more content climbing into bed. The good news is that it’s oh-so-easy to spice up any bedroom with a few touches of unique decor. Read on for tips and inspiration if you’re looking to freshen up your space.

Get Creative With Your Bedding

Since your bed is likely the centerpiece of your bedroom, this is a great (and super easy!) place to start when revamping your bedroom decor. While your bedding should be comfortable first and foremost, you can also take a creative approach by adding some unique touches to your bed.

Here, the idea is to pair different textures and materials, mix and match with patterns and solid colors, and add a few fun yet tasteful touches. Start with a set of print bed sheets and pair them with a solid color duvet cover that complements the different hues in whatever print you choose for your sheets. You can also absolutely go pattern on pattern, as long as the prints don’t clash and the colors work well together. Next, opt for different materials to add an even more unique touch, like percale sheets with a linen duvet cover, and complete your bedding set with print throw pillows. You can also add a throw blanket that you fold up at the end of your bed for bonus aesthetic and comfort points.

For your bedding, don’t be afraid to mix patterns, add pops of color, and play around with different materials that make your sleep space feel and look super dynamic.

Revamp Your Bedroom Storage

You’ve likely heard the expression “form follows function," but with creative storage solutions, you really don’t have to choose one over the other. Swapping out your old plastic storage bins or choosing an area of your room to reorganize are also great ways to declutter your bedroom, all while adding unique touches of style.

With seagrass baskets or canvas storage bins, you’ll want your storage solutions on full display in your room. Use these to keep extra throw blankets or pillows that aren’t in use or even store seasonal clothes you aren’t currently using. Mix bins and baskets in different materials and sizes to add another dynamic touch to your bedroom.

Boho and beachy seagrass, canvas, wicker, or rattan bins are a creative way to keep your bedroom feeling tranquil and organized, which is essential when it comes to loving your space. These fun baskets and bins are great for keeping on shelves, by your bed, in your closet, or next to a desk or side table.

Refresh With a Rug

The right rug can instantly transform your bedroom. Opt for rugs that have different textures or accents, like tassels or vibrant braiding. As long as the colors complement your bedding and any other prominent furniture you have in your room, you can absolutely choose a print rug or one that features lots of bold shades.

When it comes to adding unique decor to your room, you also don’t have to pick just one rug. If it makes sense in your space to do so, opt for smaller rugs instead of one large area rug, and use the rugs you choose as an opportunity to introduce even more varied textures and materials to your bedroom.

If you go the route of having multiple rugs, feel free to layer them or arrange them in separate parts of the room. A new rug or rugs can make your space feel more unique while also adding bonus comfort points!

When it comes to redecorating your bedroom, the key is to add unique touches without sacrificing any of the comfort and tranquility of your space. By spicing up your bedding, revamping your approach to storage, and swapping out or adding some new rugs, you can easily transform your bedroom, all while keeping the space cozy and comfy.

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