How to Spend the Perfect Snow Day

How to Spend The Perfect Snow Day

We may tire of salt-covered streets and iced-over windshields, but two words can brighten the eyes of even the most winter-exhausted face: “snow day.” Whether it was an unexpected day off of school as a kid or just a break from the office life as an adult, some of our favorite winter memories have come from snow days. Of course, you never know when a snow day might come—and they are a precious resource you don’t want to waste. Below is a handy guide for spending your next snow day right.

A Slow Wakeup

The first step is simple: stay in bed! Give yourself that rare chance as an adult to sleep in, or take the opportunity to flip on the tv and take a peek at that binge-worthy show you’ve been waiting to watch. If you have to look at your phone for anything work-related or answer an email, be sure to do it in your luxuriously comfy flannel pajamas.

A Cup of Joe

At some point, you will find yourself craving a coffee or whatever other beverage you love to consume in the morning. Throw on a comfy, oversized Christmas sweater that you can stay wrapped up in all day or give yourself even more warmth with a cozy flannel robe. Sneak downstairs in your soft slippers—you don’t want to awake anyone still sleeping in—and get your coffee brewing. You’ll agree with our observation that coffee somehow tastes better when nothing is pushing you out the door.

Step Out Into The Winter Wonderland

With no reason to rush, take some time to admire the fresh snowfall and transformed landscape outside your window. It’s so still, beautiful, and unmarked that you may want to step out on the porch for a better look—and to see if the paper’s arrived. With your cozy fleece slippers and warm socks still on (you know, to keep Jack Frost from nipping at those toes), you can brave the crisp, cool weather and breathe in that fresh wither air.

When the time comes to explore the winter wonderland just outside your doorstep, reach for your thickest winter coat, snow pants, and slip-resistant boots (waterproof boots if there’s any sign of sleet). Take a walk around the neighborhood to see if any kids have found the best sledding hills or if any snowmen have moved into local yards. If you see any snowman construction in progress, pitch in by bringing over that carrot that’s been sitting in the fridge.

Sip Cocoa

After spending any amount of time outdoors in the snow, a piping hot cup of cocoa filled to the brim with marshmallows and other yummy treats is a must. Not only is sipping hot cocoa on a snowy day a timeless tradition that your kids will love, but it’s also something adults enjoy too! Call the kids in and have fun making big mugs of hot chocolate together. If you're feeling a little hungry, pop some popcorn or make some cookies. Not only will this fill your home with the aroma of delicious scents, but it will also satisfy your cravings and make your snow day even more special.

Eat Yummy, Nourishing Food

Once the evening rolls around, it’s time to think about dinner. If you're in an especially lazy mood (no judgment here! Snow days are meant to be spent however you like), why not order in? Ask the kids what fun food they might want to eat for dinner: pizza, Chinese, or Indian are all fun options. This way, you don’t have to lift a finger for dinner and can instead enjoy mouth-watering food with your loved ones. However, if you're the type to enjoy cooking, a snow day may be the perfect time to experiment with a very involved and intricate new recipe you’ve been dying to try. Nothing makes a house feel like home quite like a warm, home-cooked meal made with love.

Quality Couch Potato Time With Family

The perfect snow day should end where all the best days do—on the couch. Curl up with that book you’ve been meaning to finish, or finally laying eyes on that streaming show you’ve been avoiding spoilers for. You’ve gotten dressed—a bit—as you’ve kept on the comfy PJs but added a soft, warm comfy hoodie. There’s a cozy throw over your lap, and next to it, a bowl of popcorn. Maybe you switch to TV to check the weather.

A Bubblebath

After spending some time watching your favorite TV show or a fun movie with your family (or just lounging on the couch with a good book), start your bedtime routine with a hot bath. Fill your tub with whatever you want: salts, flowers, bubbles...whatever you need to make it a luxurious experience. Sink into the tub to quiet your mind and warm your body; even better if you have a glass of your favorite wine and a couple gourmet chocolates nearby. You could get used to this.


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