How To Show Your Thankfulness This Thanksgiving

How To Show Your Thankfulness This Thanksgiving

There’s a lot to look forward to about Thanksgiving. From planning an all-out feast and digging into your favorite seasonal dishes to gathering with family and friends, there are so many things to enjoy—and to be thankful for—over this holiday. And while many of us put a ton of effort into curating a menu, coordinating with holiday guests, and perhaps hosting Thanksgiving dinner, we can sometimes forget to take a moment to demonstrate what this holiday's all about—thankfulness.

So, now that you’ve organized your grocery shopping list, sorted out the necessary logistics, and put out your Thanksgiving décor, all that’s left is to find ways to show what you’re grateful for as the holiday kicks off. Read on for some simple yet fulfilling ways to give back this Thanksgiving, whether within your own home, in your community, or on a larger scale.

Make a Charitable Donation

One way to show your thankfulness this Thanksgiving is to donate to the organization of your choice. This can be a great way to get your family or friends involved, too, and to make your holiday even more meaningful. Start by picking a few charities or causes to provide as options to other holiday attendees and once you choose one, figure out the details of how you can donate. For example, you can collect the funds on everyone’s behalf and make one large donation. Then you can track the grand total, which you can then share as an announcement at the dinner table to make the occasion feel that much more special.

Give Personalized Gifts

Showing your gratitude can also extend to the guests coming to dinner at your own holiday gathering. With so much going on in our lives throughout the year, we can often forget to show our friends and family how much they mean to us. While we usually associate giving gifts with other holidays, you can show your thankfulness this Thanksgiving by giving out small personalized gifts at dinner. Save the big gifts for Christmas or Hanukkah, but pick out smaller items with a personalized or monogrammed touch that you can give to friends and family after the big feast to show that you’re thankful for them.

Pick Up Food for a Food Drive

Speaking of the big feast, many local grocery stores, shelters, or community-based organizations host food drives around the holidays—particularly around Thanksgiving. So, while you’re out shopping for your Thanksgiving dinner, look for opportunities to pick up extra food items you can donate to those in need. This can be a great way to give back leading up to the holiday. You can also encourage your friends and family to do the same for an even bigger impact.

Share What You're Thankful For

Going around the table and sharing what you're grateful for is already a tradition at many Thanksgiving gatherings, and with good reason! This is a super simple yet sweet way to show your thankfulness as you gather for the holiday. Taking a moment before or after dinner to share what you're grateful for this year will make Thanksgiving more meaningful while also allowing you to connect more with your guests. If you have new people joining you for Thanksgiving this year or you're going to an event where you'll be meeting new folks, this is also a perfect opportunity to get to know each guest more.

Participate in a Coat Drive

In addition to food drives, many community-based organizations or shelters organize coat drives as the weather gets colder. Start by looking up local coat drives in your area and seeing if you have extra women’s winter coats, men’s jackets, or kids’ winter coats that you can donate. If you don’t have outerwear that you’re not using, you can also shop for jackets to contribute to local coat drives in your community. As the weather becomes harsher outside, a warm jacket that’s in good condition can make all of the difference to someone in need.

Volunteer Your Time With Family or Friends

Another great way to show your thankfulness this Thanksgiving is by finding an opportunity to volunteer your time within your community. There are many ways to give back and get involved—from helping out at a food bank, participating in a park or beach cleanup, volunteering at a local animal shelter, or reading to the elderly at a senior living center. Spend some time looking into different opportunities in your area. Then coordinate with family or friends to volunteer together either over the holiday break or sometime afterward. Many organizations see a spike in engagement over or on the holiday, so it also works to pick a date post-Thanksgiving to get together and give back.

These are just a few ways you can demonstrate your thankfulness this Thanksgiving. No matter what you do to give back and show what you’re grateful for this holiday season, we hope you have a fulfilling and memorable holiday!


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