How to Show Off Your Personality With Swimwear at the Beach This Summer

How to Show Off Your Personality With Swimwear at the Beach This Summer

Are you loud and flashy or minimalist and reserved with your swimwear? Maybe you’re not quite sure what your style is yet, or maybe you’re looking to make some new changes. You’ve been waiting all year to soak up the sun, and the moment is finally here. Let your unique personality shine with these tips on how to show off your style at the beach this summer.

Simple Yet Practical

If you enjoy wearing minimalist pieces, go for a classic bikini top and bottom. You can get bikini tops and bottoms with adjustable straps or strings to adjust to your comfort. They’re simple. They’re practical. They’re also a bit playful, perfect for anyone who wants their swimwear to reflect their personality that doesn’t take life too seriously.

Timeless Classic

Just like every woman needs a little black dress, every woman needs a little black swimsuit. That black swimsuit can be a black two-piece for mixing and matching, or it can be a timeless black one-piece swimsuit. The black swimsuit is a summer staple for any woman who wants their fashion to be in vogue for years to come, not just come-and-go trends for the season.

Cool and Confident

Your personality is so cool and confident. You don’t flinch when they tell you guac is extra. You walk past the mirror and give yourself a smile. You’re cool and confident but never too cocky. You’re the perfect balance of down-to-earth and out of this world. If you want swimwear that will match your personality, go for a halter-style tankini top. They offer extra support and give you the confidence you need whether you’re playing beach volleyball or laying in the sun getting your tan on.

Sweet and Playful

Everyone is always telling you how kind you are. You’re a warm, generous person. You walk into the room and light up the place with your infectious smile. Perhaps you’re even the social butterfly of your group. If you’re the kind of person that loves being the hostess with the mostess, swim skirts offer a sweet and playful look for the beach.

Glamorous and Gorgeous

You love sparkles. You’re all about glamour. The bigger, the better. If you’re the kind of woman who likes to sport serious bling, let your swimsuit reflect your glamorous and gorgeous personality. Try a metallic swimsuit to put your swimwear in the spotlight. They’re a show stopper, and you’ll be turning heads. If you want to be the center of attention, go for statement pieces to accessorize with your metallic swimsuit.

Vacay All Day

Admit it: You’re addicted to your social media feed. You love posting selfies when you go on vacation. You sip rosé all day. With your fun and attractive demeanor, it’s no wonder you stand out from the crowd. You’ll want swimwear that shows off your upbeat personality. Go for any kind of swimsuit with fun tropical prints. Whether you’re at the beach or the pool, you’ll be looking like you’re ready for full-on vacation mode.

Bohemian Goddess

You’re one with nature. You can easily rock earth tones. Browns. Greens. Beautiful floral prints. You’re all about Mother Earth. Opt for swimsuits that are in colors that can be found in nature, like deep greens for the trees and calming blues for the ocean. To complete your bohemian look, wear beach cover-ups with your swimwear.

The Trendsetter

You’re not the one who likes to follow trends. You like to make them happen. When everyone else was wearing neon green or animal print suits with cutouts, you were rocking a sleek monochromatic one-piece that made your entire look pop against the sandy beach. You were into slides, crossbody fanny packs, and those tiny Instagrammable sunglasses before they were cool. When you’re a trendsetter, you can’t go wrong with taking classics and making them yours with a modern twist. If you normally go for one-pieces, try something different this year, like a tankini. Inspiration is sure to strike at any moment.

Outdoor Adventurer

You love being outdoors. When summer comes around, you’re always looking for an excuse to go to the beach. You love swimming in the ocean. You’ll take long walks along the shore. You want to dive straight in and see all of the fishes. As an outdoor adventurer, you’ll want swimwear that matches your activity level.

You can wear rash guards over a one-piece to make sure your skin is protected from chafing and the sun. Grab a pair of water shoes to keep your feet cool and protected on the hot sand.

Remember that your personality is just a snapshot of who you are, and that person is dynamic and able to change as they see fit. You don’t just have to stick to one style this summer. You can mix and match as you please. That’s the best part about swimwear every season since you can debut a brand-new you every summer.


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