How to Shop for Modest Swimsuits With Your Teenagers

How to Shop for Modest Swimsuits With Your Teenagers

In the age of social media, photo filters, and makeup tutorials, the pressure to look a certain way has never been stronger. However, your teen doesn’t have to wear swimsuits they aren’t mature enough to wear. Thankfully, there is plenty of age-appropriate swimwear that will make your teen feel confident yet stay modestly covered.

By cooperating with your teen and having an open dialogue about what is allowed for their age, you both can agree on the types of swimsuits that you buy for pool and beach season. Modest bathing suits for juniors make it easy to be comfortably active during water sports, family pool parties, and more. This guide will help you shop for swimsuits with your teenagers so they can be both protected and stylish all season long.

Make It a Joint Decision

Teens naturally want more agency in their decisions, from their social outlets and hobbies to their wardrobe. When your kids were small, it was easy to pick anything off the rack and ask them to wear it. But as they get older, they want more control over what they wear. Make clothing selection a process in which the teen is allowed to give input—and make it fun! Though the idea of choosing something modest may be against their wishes, you have the ultimate say in what goes in the shopping cart. However, it’s possible to strike a balance between modesty and style with all the excellent choices out there for teens. For instance, there are plenty of two-piece swimsuits that offer enough coverage to keep your teen active and confident.

Make it a bonding activity. Take some time to browse swimsuit styles to see the different types of swimsuits your teens like. Maybe your kids are sporty and like zip-up one-pieces and swim shorts, or you may have a daughter who wants something more frilly with floral prints. When your teen can decide what color and style they want, you both can have fun deciding what to pick. This collaborative effort will help your teen feel involved and give both parties a sense of control over the decision.

Set Your Limits

It’s important to tell your teen what the limits are. If you prefer your kids to wear rash guards and swim tees because they continually forget sunblock or if you prefer that your teenage daughter sticks to tankinis and girls’ one-piece swimsuits, then make these limits known.

Draw the line on the types of suits you aren’t okay with buying, such as string bikinis and short trunks. Any prints with profanity on them or suggestive material can also be too mature for teens. Ask your teen to stay within these limits and see what they choose. You will be surprised to see how much you both have in common when you find plenty of appropriate options within your style boundaries.

Stick to a Budget

How many swimsuits does your teen need? Make a budget so that everyone has the same expectations on what to buy. By knowing how much there is to spend, you and your teen can make a plan about how much to get. When you have a set budget, you and your teen can make a buying plan so that you buy only what you need.

How many rash guards, cover-ups, board shorts, swim separates, and trunks do they need? Would you also like to purchase accessories like sunglasses, hats, and water shoes for them? What you end up buying depends on the types of plans you have. If your family likes to go to the beach and lake, then swim shoes are a must, as well as extended sun protection from a UPF swim shirt.

Look for Versatility and Longevity

Teens are always growing, so pick an adjustable swimsuit, such as boys’ board shorts with a drawstring waist and a tankini with adjustable straps. It’s always good to have a smaller and bigger swim bottom for a growing teen if they prefer swim separates.

Also, it’s wise to invest in high-quality pieces like tugless girls’ tankini swimsuits and one-pieces so your teen will spend more time enjoying the water instead of fussing over their clothing. A functional suit that can adapt to the changes your teen undergoes as they grow will be a better investment over a trendy suit that wears down easily.

By shopping for modest swimsuits together, you and your teen can agree on fashionable and functional swimwear that can keep them active and comfortable all season long.


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