How to Shop for Men’s Summer Clothes

How to Shop for Men’s Summer Clothes

When it comes to shopping for clothes, sometimes men need a little help. The warm seasons are a great chance to show off a casual, laid-back style emphasizing light, comfortable wear. It goes beyond picking one swimsuit for the year. A men’s summer wardrobe should be stylish, classic, and easy! On hot, humid days, he can still dress for success and look his best in cool fabrics that promote keeping his body temperature under control. This summer, help your man by pushing him in the right direction on his seasonal wardrobe. Help him look and feel his best this summer with these tips on how to shop for men’s summer clothes.

Know His Size Before You Go

First and foremost, know your man’s size before you go. If you don’t think he knows it, measure him yourself or ask a clerk for sizing help at the store. You can also look up how to measure your own size online. It’s useless to buy clothes without accurate, up-to-date sizing information, so this is crucial to the shopping process. Get info on pants and shirts measurements before heading to the stores or doing any online shopping. The right size will make all the difference when he’s putting together his summer wardrobe.

Stock Up On Essential Staples

For starters, get multiples of staple items he’ll wear a lot. Think men’s T-shirts, socks, shorts, and jeans. Summertime means relaxation, so comfortable clothes he can get everyday wear out of will be helpful for him. T-shirts are a favorite essential because they’re soft, comfortable, and versatile. They can be dressed up or styled down for casual summer wear. If he’s getting a lot of sun exposure on the job or out and about, consider lighter color tones that don’t attract the sun as much as dark ones like black. While shirts are changed every day, with two or three pairs of cargo, khaki, or knit shorts, he can rotate which shorts he’ll wear for the whole week.

Build From a Basics Wardrobe

Once he has all the essentials listed above, he’s set up with a basics wardrobe. He can build daily outfits from these items and explore accessorizing with belts and shoes. He can also add jackets and ties. When he gets comfortable styling his basic items on his own, he’ll branch out into more stylish personality pieces. Get flair items that can build on his basics, like Hawaiian shirts, button-downs, and cardigans. On super-hot summer days, he may not need to wear much more than a T-shirt and shorts, but it’s still fun to have all the options just in case. Men’s rain jackets and raincoats will also be a great summer style staple, as the rainier months sometimes require a light jacket on gray, cloudy days. With the basic style steps in place, he’ll be set all season.

Prep for Hot Weather with Lightweight Fabrics

When the summer weather gets hot and humid, you’ll need to consider the best fabrics for everyday outfits. Cotton and linen are great examples of light, breathable fabrics he can wear frequently and stay cool in. On sweltering days, it’s better to have clothes that fit loosely and allow easy body motion. These fabrics keep the clothes soft and comfortable for long-term summer wear on even the hottest days. Whether he’s hanging out with you on the couch or out at the gym with the guys, he’ll be more comfortable in seasonally conscious materials. If he’s staying active in sports or other athletic activities, his clothes will need to promote comfort and movement. For a good part of the summer, the heat reaches its season peak, and we swelter in the sun. Depending on his job and sun exposure, he’ll spend time in the summer sun and need to consider this in his outfit choices. For the hottest days, he’ll want the lightest, breeziest clothes. When you’re out doing work on summer days, you shouldn’t have to think about sweating or wearing uncomfortable clothes. Summer staples should have long wearability and optimal heat ventilation.

Prepare for Beach Season

When it gets really hot, it’s time to get away with a beach day. There’s nothing better than time at the beach, lake, or pool. Even a backyard sprinkler can become a water game on a hot summer day. Find a beach to head to and stock the car with supplies. Snacks, water, beach games, towels, and sunscreen are the starting list of essentials. You can go from there to plan what to bring and what to buy from local boardwalk stands or whatever the beach offers. Get him in his board shorts and sunglasses while you enjoy time together on the beach. There are so many fun beach accessories, from beach towels to beach blankets and folding chairs. Gather your beach gear and head to the shore. Whatever you take with you, put on your sunscreen, soak up the sun, and enjoy that summer feeling. This summer, make shopping a breeze and find easy and fun ways to revamp your style. With these tips, you'll be set to have fun in the sun in style all summer long.


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