How to Save on Energy Costs This Summer

How to Save on Energy Costs This Summer

Reduce your energy costs this summer with some easy-to-implement strategies. We’ve compiled ways you can stay cool and cut expenses in the summer months without sacrificing comfort. Try some or all of these energy-conserving tips to see what works best for you.

Reinforce Windows and Doors

It’s a good idea to check your window and door seals in winter and summer. If your doors and windows aren’t sealing properly, it can allow hot air to seep in and make your air conditioner work harder. Ensuring your home is properly insulated is another way to conserve on energy. When you’re running the air conditioner, leave windows and doors closed. When the air conditioner is off, you can open the windows to let fresh air in and encourage airflow. To keep pets inside and pests outside, make sure the screen is secure before opening the window.

Try a Higher Thermostat Setting

If you usually keep your thermostat on a frosty 70 degrees, consider turning it up to 73 and see how you feel. The higher your thermostat, the less it has to work. If you can stand a thermostat setting around 75 degrees, you may see significant energy savings.

Dress in Cool Clothing

If you get warm after adjusting your thermostat, a good strategy is to adjust your wardrobe. Choose women’s summer shirts in lightweight, breathable fabrics such as Supima cotton. This cotton species is grown in the USA, and it has a long-staple fiber for impeccable durability. It’s colorfast and holds shape even through repeated wear and washing.

Lightweight cotton knits like muslin and poplin are a good option for summer, while cotton flannel should be reserved for fall and winter. Linen is another breathable fabric that’s light enough for indoor summer wear. Even some synthetic fabrics like nylon and polyester can keep you cool in the summer months.

Tank tops are a must-have for hot summer days. You can wear them around the house with women’s sweatpants and layer them beneath button-downs or hoodies if you get cool. Speaking of button-downs, a short-sleeve cotton button-down is another type of top that can help you stay comfortable after turning up the thermostat.

Maxi dresses for women are another classic piece of summer apparel that you can wear to stay cool—both indoors and out. They come in sleeveless styles and floaty fabrics that allow for plenty of airflow, plus they’re available in a range of stylish summer colors and prints. If you get chilly when wearing your maxi around the house, slip on a lightweight cotton cardigan.

Invest in Summer Bedding

If you use flannel sheets in the winter, switch them to cotton percale sheets or linen sheets in the warmer months. You can even opt for a cotton sateen if you prefer a lustrous look similar to silk. Although flannel is ultra-cozy, it’s likely too warm for summer. With lighter bedding, you can feel more comfortable with a higher indoor temperature.

Supima cotton is as popular for home goods as it is for clothing. Consider Supima cotton sheets, duvet covers and bath towels—all of which are machine-washable for easy cleaning. These linens are lightweight enough for summer, but you can use them in fall and winter, too. Layering summer bed linens with a heavier winter blanket can be all you need to transition to the cold-weather season.

The comforter or duvet insert you choose for summer can also play a role in your comfort level. If you prefer down, look for a lighter weight for less warmth. Down-alternative duvet inserts are a hypoallergenic option, and many of them have temperature-regulating properties.

Circulate the Air

Use ceiling fans instead of air conditioning to circulate the air in your home while saving on energy costs. You can mount one in the living room and in each bedroom to keep things cool; a ceiling fan is also a welcome addition to any sun room. Speaking of the sun room, furnish it with an indoor/outdoor rug and outdoor furniture such as an all-weather wicker patio sofa, which can withstand UV rays and plenty of use.

Open the Windows at Night

Instead of running the AC overnight, open the windows instead. Outdoor temperatures cool down overnight, so you can possibly keep your home at a comfortable temperature without the need for air conditioning. Lightweight cotton pajamas can help you stay comfortable, especially when you opt for an airy weave like cotton poplin and choose shorts over women’s pajama pants. A nightshirt or nightgown in a light cotton sateen fabric is another summer-worthy sleepwear option. Keep your feet comfortable when lounging in cushioned slides or slippers.

These are just some of the ways to conserve energy. Look around your home for things you can unplug and other ways you can save on energy costs.


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