How to Rock Your Petite Modest Swimwear

How to Rock Your Petite Modest Swimwear

Feeling comfortable in your swimwear can make all of the difference when it comes to having the best possible beach day, maximizing your fun at the next pool party, or diving into the surf completely carefree on your next tropical vacation. There's no such thing as the perfect "beach body;" instead, it's all about finding swimwear that makes you feel both comfortable and confident. After all, you can't have comfort without confidence, and vice versa.

That's why the very first rule of thumb for rocking your petite modest swimwear is knowing that you look amazing. Thankfully, petite swimsuits are designed with petite measurements in mind, and modest styles mean you'll have all of the coverage you want to feel your most comfortable. With the right fit and design features you love, it'll be easy to rock your swimsuit without the fuss and discomfort of an ill-fitting garment.

While looking and feeling your best is a great jumping-off point, there are also a few pointers to keep in mind when it comes to styling your petite modest swimwear.

Consider Sun Protection

Modest swimwear has more coverage than other styles of swimsuits, so you'll already be in pretty good shape when it comes to sun protection. That said, certain cuts, designs, and materials will provide added protection, and having the necessary accessories on hand can make all of the difference. Being protected from the sun's harmful rays is key when it comes to rocking your swimsuit with comfort and confidence.

If you're looking for a top that's both stylish and sun-safe, opt for a petite crew neck long-sleeve rash guard with UPF 50 sun protection. This top is designed to be worn over your swimsuit top, providing a layer of modest coverage and added protection. This top pairs perfectly with petite swim shorts with cute, summery designs like beach umbrellas or vibrant tie-dye, this top pairs perfectly with petite swim shorts or whatever style of modest swimsuit bottoms you prefer. For instance, you could match a patterned top with solid color bottoms in a complementary shade. You can also go for a matching pattern on pattern if that's more your thing!

Always Accessorize

While a swim shirt with UPF protection will make a huge difference when it comes to the dangers of sun exposure, you'll also want to be sure to throw the right accessories and sun essentials in your beach bag. Rocking your swimsuit with accessories you love is a great way to add some style points to your swimwear look.

Petite dresses and beach cover-ups provide a layer that's as cute as it is practical. Petite beach cover-ups can be worn over your modest swimsuit between dips so you can lounge in comfort.

Plus, with options like vibrant jersey cotton and beachy print petite maxi dresses, you'll want to rock your cover-up all summer long.

You can throw your dress in your bag or wear it over your suit to the beach or pool. Be sure to save room in your bag so you can bring sun protection essentials, like extra sunscreen to reapply throughout the day and even a foldable beach hat and sunglasses. Just like your beach dress, these items provide an element of both sun protection and, in the case of the hat and sunnies, extra style points as well.

Find Your Perfect Fit

The most important factor for rocking your petite modest swimwear is finding the style and fit you feel your best in. The good news is there are a ton of different modest styles to choose from, so you can find what makes the most sense for you.

If you tend to be more active in the water or prefer the feeling of wearing a one-piece swimsuit, opt for a petite one-piece in an athletic cut with more coverage, such as a higher neckline and full-back coverage.

Or, if you prefer the look and feel of two-piece suits, opt for mix-and-match pieces that provide the look and coverage you feel most comfortable in. For example, a women's petite chlorine-resistant high-neck UPF 50 sun protection modest tankini top pairs perfectly with swim shorts or a swim skirt. You can also rock a top like this with several different bottoms, making for more combos in your rotation that'll last you all summer long or provide different looks to choose from on a longer vacation.

No matter what style of suit you choose, the best way to rock your petite modest swimwear is with confidence. Stocking up on the right accessories and staying sun-safe are always great ways to boost your comfort and confidence on any beach day or at your best pool party!

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