How to Re-Style Last Summer’s Outfits for This Summer

How to Re-Style Last Summer’s Outfits for This Summer

Don’t you love summer outfits? The cute colors, the lightweight looks (we love that part after a Wisconsin winter!), and all those gorgeous summer styles! However, you don’t want to leave last summer’s outfits in the dust. Let’s look at how to re-style last summer’s outfits for this summer.

Take Stock of Your Summer Styles

Before the summer gets away from you, go through your closet and survey the summer styles that you already own. A great way to do this is to start by making three piles “Yes,” “Maybe,” and “No, I’m done with that.” Our tastes and our lifestyles change over time, so our wardrobes need to shift with us. This summer is the perfect opportunity for a wardrobe tune-up especially if it’s been a few years since you have done a closet inventory.

Once you have your three piles of clothing, separate the “No” pile into "give-away" and "throw-away." It’s great to pass along a garment to a friend or share it with a consignment store or charity, but anything that is ripped (and not easily mended), stained, or visibly worn just needs to go. Recycle if you can, discard if you can't.

Next, go to your “Yes” pile and try everything on (this is the fun part!). If it still fits, keep it in the “Yes” pile. If your closet seems to have shrunk a given garment, decide whether to move it to “Maybe” or “No”. Once you have completed this task for the “Yes” pile, go ahead and do the same for the “Maybe” pile. Only keep the garments that will make you look and feel great. Otherwise, it will end up hanging in the back of your closet, not doing anyone any good.

Make a Missing Staples List

Now that you know what you have and what fits, what is missing? Every woman needs a great pair of women’s jeans and a women’s white blouse in her wardrobe. A “go-everywhere dress” that is comfy and makes you feel great is also a necessity for most of us. A fit and flare dress or a shirt dress are both great options for summer as you can dress them up or down and choose one in a great summer color. What about other pants, tops, skirts, lingerie, and footwear? If you are running low on something that you know you will need this summer, it’s a great idea to put it on your list at the beginning of the season.

Mix and Match

Now that you know what you have (and what you are considering buying) why not mix it up a bit? Just because you wore that linen shirt with a specific pair of dress pants last summer doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t look cute with jeans, a skirt, or even shorts. The great part about mixing and matching is that it’s like going shopping in your own closet. You can find fun combinations that you wouldn’t have thought about wearing before. And if they don’t work? It took less than five minutes to find out. Always try on new outfit possibilities in front of a full-length mirror. You’ll want to see what your ensemble looks like from head to foot and all the way around.

Make it Sparkle

One of the best ways to re-style an outfit from last summer is to add some new or different jewelry to it. What about a pair of statement earrings with that maxi dress for women or swap out the pendant that you always wore with that blouse for a new necklace? You can go shopping in your own jewelry box, too!

In addition to jewelry, consider scarves and hats to mix up your summer ensembles. Many of us only wear hats for insulation in the winter, but the right straw hat or fabric hat can look cool and sophisticated in summer. Scarves are an instant way to add a dash of color to a neutral outfit, and a vibrant scarf can look fantastic when worn against a white top.

Fun Footwear

Don’t forget the summer footwear! From lovely sandals to heels to sneakers, choosing cute footwear is one of the best parts of planning your summer ensembles. Even if you prefer a capsule wardrobe (which can be great fun!), you’ll probably want at least a few different pairs of shoes for summer. Do your sandals from last summer still work, or are they worn? What about those walking shoes? Too many miles on them? You may need to replace them to make sure you’re ready for this summer’s adventures.

Stashing Your Stuff

Whether you're a pretty purse or trusty tote kind of gal, or you love the convenience and versatility of a backpack, we all need a place to stash our stuff that will protect it and bring it with us in style. As you plan out your summer outfits, plan out handbags and totes, too.

Have fun re-styling last summer’s outfits for this summer!


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