Best Items for a Spring Wardrobe Refresh

Essential Pieces to Refresh Your Spring Wardrobe

You don’t need much to make your spring wardrobe look brand new. By purchasing a few seasonal items, you’ll have all you need to rock fresh styles all throughout the springtime months.

From accessories to outerwear, here are the pieces of spring clothing that will make your wardrobe look instantly refreshed.

A Spring Jacket

Jackets don’t get as much care as they deserve—it’s likely time to replace your tried-and-true women’s spring jackets with something new. As spring arrives, get yourself a jacket upgrade, whether you’re looking for a denim jacket or a women’s fleece vest .

Just the act of putting on a new spring jacket when heading out for the day will add that special something new to your spring outfit, even if you’re wearing jeans and a top that you’ve had for decades.

A Few Go-To Dresses

Dresses face lots of wear and tear throughout the year—they’re worn on errands, to school pick-up and drop-off, on date night, to brunch with friends, to work, and more. All in all, our go-to spring dresses are worn everywhere and worn often.

When the spring starts, get yourself a few go-to spring dresses that are, literally, as good as new. Shop for a jersey dress in a midi-length that’s perfect for a late-spring day. While you’re at it, get a maxi dress that can easily be worn with a cotton cardigan for an early spring outfit.

A New Pair of Jeans

Use spring as an excuse to upgrade your tried-and-true jeans with a new pair this spring. Try on a few styles and get the pair that speaks to you and flatters your curves. Try on classic jeans, high-waisted jeans, ripped jeans, and boyfriend-style jeans to see what pair fits your needs. Don’t be afraid to try on styles you’ve never worn before, either—you never know how something is going to look until you try it on.

A Pair of Cropped Pants

Few things say spring more than a pair of cute cropped pants. They’re easy to wear with tunic tops, button-down tops, and plain women’s tee shirts but add an unexpected element with their cropped nature and peek-a-boo ankle vibe. A new pair of cropped pants instantly makes your spring wardrobe more seasonal and unlocks many cute outfit options.

Wear your cropped pants with a pair of fashion sneakers for a day of errands, or wear them with open-toed slip-on shoes for a casual yet cool look that’s perfect for a party. Cropped pants in a color like khaki or cream are especially perfect for a spring wardrobe, so go for a pair in one of those shades if you want to really lean into spring fashion.

A Pair of Bright Rainboots

Let’s be real. Spring is a rainy season (April showers bring May flowers!) and there will likely be many times throughout spring that will call for some good rain boots. Instead of getting a pair of run-of-the-mill rain boots, get a bright pair that will add some pep to your spring step. Plus, a pair of bright rain boots are an ideal item to add some excitement to your day-to-day spring clothes. Wear them with a midi-dress for a quirky look or try a pair of black jeans to really make them pop.

Lastly, Refresh Your Workout Gear

Spring is a time that’s ideal for long walks, outdoor runs, and hikes. You’ll want to make sure your spring workout gear is ready for its time in the spotlight, which means buying new women’s activewear at the start of the season. Get yourself workout gear that matches the weather—you’ll want capri yoga pants, windbreaker jackets, and breathable long-sleeved workout tops that will keep you cool on warm spring days while also protecting you from any unexpected gusts of wind.

While you’re replacing your spring workout gear, don’t neglect your athletic shoes. It’s not good to wear your running or walking shoes for too many years without replacing them.

Just a few essential pieces can make your spring wardrobe look as good as new. Invest in statement items that you can wear all throughout the season to keep your outfits looking fresh. You can rotate classic items in and out every week without ever getting sick of them: they're timeless and ideal for the spring season.


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