How to Prep for a Beach Day

How to Prep for a Beach Day

The warm summer season is a siren call for relaxing by the sea. But a blessed day of rest can be easily interrupted by issues that, looking back, you could have easily avoided or at least minimized if you would have thought ahead. Whether you live in a coastal area or are taking a day out of a busy vacation schedule to visit the beach, you need to be ready to address potential problems that could spoil your enjoyment. Here are five tips on how you can prep for a fun and relaxing beach day.

1) Plan for the Sun

Being outside all day is a recipe for sunburn...unless someone like you comes prepared! Make sure you have lots of sunscreen with a high SPF rating so you can protect your skin from damage. If you aren't the type to remember to reapply in a timely manner, consider setting a sunscreen alarm or wearing a rash guard or another sun protective swimwear, so less of you is exposed. Taking along some aloe vera to quickly cool and treat any burns that do get through could be a good idea as well.

2) Plan for Food

If you are spending all day at the beach, will there be places to eat, or are you going to bring enough food to satisfy hungry bellies for the next six or more hours? If you are packing your own food, remember it has to last for quite some time in the heat of the summer sun. Double-check your cooler, and pack foods that won't spoil easily and are easy to eat. Sandwiches of all sorts can be a lifesaver in this situation. If you want to be really prepared, check to make sure there are nearby restaurants or food stalls you can take advantage of if need be. If you aren't bringing your own food, jumping to this step and confirming the work hours of the different restaurants is critical.

3) Plan for Water Activities

What will you be doing for hours while you are at the beach? Some people are content to move back and forth between playing in the water and reclining in the sand, but others may want some variety. If you are willing to spend a little money, look into kayak, surfboard, or boogie board rentals. Learning something new while enjoying the gorgeous scenery is a great way to make memories. If you aren't planning to spend money, check out the area to see what is around and if there are recommendations. Look up different sea birds and see if you can find them. If there are tidepools nearby, try to identify the marine wildlife. Make time to explore the beach and, if legally allowed to, see if there are any seashells or cool rocks you can bring back to remind you of your fun summer day.

4) Plan for Games

If you have a drawstring bag just begging to be filled with games and activities, make sure you throw a tennis ball in for a game of catch in the water. Frisbees also make for interesting back-and-forths. Plus, if you have a dog, these games will definitely steal the day. If you have the space, bring a volleyball or soccer ball. Mark your court with lines in the sand and have at it! If you are looking for a calmer pastime, pack shovels and buckets so you can make a beautiful sandcastle. If you want to engage with the environment a little more, consider playing tag with the waves when the tide is moving well. Or try to find the right combination of mud and dry sand to make the perfect mudball. When you have the hang of that, try to turn your mudball pile into a castle wall to protect your sandcastle, complete with shell decor that will stand against the crashing waves.

5) Plan What to Wear

You can't forget your swimsuit! Now that you have most of the plan in place consider whether or not your swimwear works with what you want to do. If you have a strapless bikini and are hoping to go surfing, things may not work out the way you hoped. Alternatively, if you are bringing along a razorback athletic swimsuit and thinking to spend most of your time relaxing and getting some sun, you are likely to end up with some pretty quirky tan lines you didn't plan on. If you intend to wear a string bikini and eat at a local restaurant, you may want a beach coverup to wear so you can feel more secure when you explore the local area. Make sure your outfit and beach day plan match so you can enjoy the day without at least that unnecessary concern.

A little preparation can go a long way. Now that you have these tips make your plan and have the most fantastic beach day ever!


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