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How to Plan a Rust-Themed Wedding

With the emergence of retro fashion trends— whether it’s ’70s style fringe or ’90s style tube tops — it should come as no surprise that these throwback styles are also making an appearance in weddings! Bohemian, retro rust-themed weddings will be on the rise in 2023, and it’s no secret why. Not only does a rust theme create a stunning atmosphere for the wedding, but think of all the gorgeous wedding photos you’ll get courtesy of copper, terracotta, and burnt sienna hues! If you are planning a wedding this year and considering a rust theme, take a look at this handy guide that will show you how to create an unforgettable rust-themed wedding!

Create Your Color Scheme

Rust-themed weddings are all about rich, dramatic, stunning hues, so start by planning the color scheme of your wedding. Consider the wedding dress, bridesmaids’ dresses, and color scheme of your floral arrangement and other wedding decor pieces. Stick to warm, earthy tones such as burnt orange, gold, brown, mulberry, and red wine shades. When thinking about the colors of the bridesmaids’ dresses, consider how they might be coordinated with the colors of the grooms’ tuxedos. Instead of traditional black or dark blue tuxedos, you can have the guys sport burnt orange or chocolate brown suit jackets and suspenders or opt for colors that coordinate with the bridesmaids’ dresses. The bouquets and floral arrangements can be rich, daring, bold, and elegantly rustic. Opt for fall foliage colors to perfect that vintage ’70s feel.

Choose an (Outdoor) Venue

If you like the idea of holding the wedding outdoors, that is the perfect fit for a rust-themed wedding. We have seen a rise in the popularity of barn weddings over the last several years, so having your wedding on a quaint farm with acres of breathtaking, natural landscape will surely add to the beauty of your wedding. If you hold your wedding during the late summer or fall season, that will make the rust aesthetic even more authentic. Alternative ideas for outdoor venues include retreat centers, lakeside venues, and even your backyard if you have the space. You can pitch a party tent and allow your guests to flow in and out of it throughout the evening.

A Quaint, Rustic Wedding Cake

The cake you have at your wedding will play a big role in the overall aesthetic of your rust-themed wedding. Rust-themed wedding cakes can be created in a variety of ways, and it helps to browse Pinterest boards to get inspiration. A naked or semi-naked wedding cake is a quintessential choice for a rust-themed wedding and can be decorated in countless unique ways. A semi-naked layered wedding cake with cream frosting and small, edible floral arrangements will help you achieve an effortlessly glamorous, rustic look.

You can also explore bold frosting colors like teal and have your cake decorator accent it with orange cake decorations or edible flowers. In addition to the main wedding cake, you can serve other desserts, such as glazed donuts and mini-layered cakes designed for individual servings.

Hair, Makeup, and Accessories

The rust-themed wedding aesthetic often goes hand in hand with a bohemian vibe, so don’t be afraid to accent with pieces like a colorful floral headband or tasteful gold jewelry. Instead of an intricate updo, opt for long, free-flowing, wavy hair or even a small braid or two. The makeup can be kept natural, light, and sun-kissed for you and your bridesmaids. Accessories like jewelry and footwear can be minimal and elegant; in fact, you can even kick off your shoes and go barefoot if you are planning a bohemian, outdoor rust wedding!

Infuse Color Into Everything

Rust theme weddings are incredibly natural and outdoorsy yet vibrantly colorful. Colors are undoubtedly an important factor when it comes to picking out the cake, decor, floral arrangements, and bridal party attire. However, don’t forget to let the color seep in everywhere. When picking out wedding gifts for the bridal party, consider items like luxuriously soft robes or blankets in colors such as burnt orange and teal. Bridesmaid gifts and groomsmen gifts can be both simple and elegant at a rust theme wedding.

You could even put together gift baskets to thank your bridal party, such as food basket gifts complete with yummy treats, a bottle of champagne, and cozy pieces like slippers, robes, and blankets. The party favors for your guests can and should be equally colorful, quaint, and rustic. Things like handcrafted, wood-carved coasters, mini whiskey bottles, and deliciously scented fall candles are great party favors to have at your guests’ seats.

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