Modest Swimwear: How to Pick the Perfect Suit

Modest Swimwear: How to Pick the Perfect Suit

Stay classy and on-trend with modest swimwear that flatters and makes you feel comfortable all summer long. Being stylish at the beach just got a whole lot easier.

Decide on a Style That Suits Your Body Type

There are as many modest swimsuits as there are different body types. No matter what shape or size you are, you have the perfect body type that is just right for you. The key to choosing swimwear that makes you feel your best is finding a style that suits you the way you want. Some women feel more comfortable with greater coverage, and some find that certain suits give them the balanced look they want. Whether you want an athletic-looking swimsuit that gives you the freedom to be active in the water and on the beach without worry, or you want to soak up the sun in a stylish, contemporary suit, there are plenty of options to choose from. Popular silhouettes include:

Now that we’ve covered some basic styles to consider, check out the key details of what to look for in a modest suit so you know how to pick the perfect one this summer.

High Necklines

High necklines conceal cleavage and provide a smooth look to the bust while still maintaining a flattering appearance. Ladies who choose a higher neckline can feel confident in their swim top choice and be ready for anything. An added bonus of a higher neckline is that it prevents the sensitive skin in that area above the bust from sunburn.

Bandeau and Halter Necklines

Bandeau necklines don’t have to be high, but they provide a sleek modest look because they are designed to lay flat and straight across the top of the bust area, preventing any cleavage from showing and preventing dips or pulls in the top of the suit. The result is streamlined and can provide a balanced and appealing look whether in a one-piece or tankini top. Many halter tops are similar because they have a style that covers the bust area while creating a straight line across the top or middle of the shoulders.

Surplice Swimwear

Surplice swimwear has several things going for it that make it a great choice. The cross-body look is not only very flattering but also the ruching and tucking of the crossover fabric keep the overall appearance of the suit modest. The slight V-neck of a surplice suit is also flattering, but it doesn’t dip down too far. The bottom, whether it be a one-piece or tankini style, often falls a bit over the hips, giving it additional modesty.

Swim Skirts and Skorts

Swim skirt bottoms and skorts are ideal for modest swimwear bottoms with a feminine style. They skim the hips and provide a sleek silhouette that works well with a variety of swim tops. They are also cool and comfortable. For the best look, make sure the hem of the skirt or skort falls at a length that feels comfortable to you. Petite or tall ladies may need to look for specific sizes for their heights to get the correct fit.

Swim Shorts and Swim Tops

Comfortable, cool, and perfect for any summer day or evening, swim tops and shorts are a relaxed, stylish look that is modest but appealing. Swim shorts come in varying lengths, just as swim tops come in short -and long-sleeve styles to allow you to choose your greatest comfort level. These also do double duty to protect against the sun’s harmful rays.

Cap-Sleeve Swim Tops

Swim tops with cap sleeves are a fun yet modest look since they don’t show off the shoulders. These pair perfectly with swim briefs or shorts for a look that shouts fun-in-the-sun.

Swim Skirts With Leggings

Swim skirts with leggings provide a fun, flirty look that maintains a modest style. It’s perfect for a look that is all about summer fun while keeping you cool, comfortable, and feeling confident. Pair them with anything from a tankini top to a swim shirt for the ultimate modest summer style.

Modest swimwear today is attractive and stylish. Whether your preferences lean more toward simple, athletic-inspired one-pieces or elegant swim dresses and cover-up pieces, choosing styles that make you feel confident has never been easier.


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