How to Pick The Best Monogram For Your Sheets

How to Pick The Best Monogram For Your Sheets

Although it’s a seemingly small detail, picking out the best monogram for your bed sheets is no small feat. There are many things to consider, especially if you’re not exactly sure about the specifics of the monogram. Whether you are shopping for this product for yourself or a loved one, here are a few helpful tips to guide you along the process of picking the best monogrammed bed sheets.

Figure Out Your Color Scheme

Before you can begin focusing on the colors of the actual monogram, you will want to decide on the color of the sheets you want. If you are going for darker colors like deep purple or gray, you may want a monogram that is the same color but in a different shade; otherwise, you can go with a different monogram color that nicely coordinates with the color of the sheets. You also have to look at the bigger picture and take into account the color scheme of everything else in the bedroom, namely, the colors of the walls and decor like your favorite throw pillows or curtains.

Take Your Personal Style Into Consideration

This is one of the biggest influencing factors when it comes to determining what monograms are best for your sheets. Your style is a large part of who you are and what you do, including what you eat, what you enjoy doing, what you wear and yes, even what you like on your sheets. Don’t just get monogrammed sheets for the sake of getting them. Monogrammed sheets are an investment that happens to also be very personal, so the design should be both meaningful and reflective of your style.

Are The Monogrammed Sheets For You Or Someone Else?

Monogrammed sheets make for excellent gifts for friends and family members. The key is to make sure you know their needs and style ahead of time. The last thing you want to do is invest in a thoughtful gift that the person either doesn’t want or doesn’t need. Once you’re certain you can successfully get the “right” monogrammed sheets for a gift, then you can start thinking about color, design, and what the monogram will actually say.

Do You Have Other Monogrammed Items in The House?

Will your sheets be the only monogrammed items in the house or do you have other belongings like bath towels, napkins, and dishes, or personal items like beach bags that are also monogrammed? If this is the case, you will need to determine whether or not all monogrammed items will be the same in terms of what the monogram says as well as the color and style.

Ask yourself how important it is for all the monogrammed items to look the same or if you can land upon a tasteful way to display multiple monogrammed items of different styles throughout your home. Your monogrammed hand towels and monogrammed shower curtains don't need to match your bedsheets, as long as you love the way the two versions complement one another.

Shop Around for Different Styles

No two monogram styles are alike. Figure out if you want to stick to lettering only or if you will have a certain design or symbol monogrammed onto your sheets. It may be hard to find the one that just feels right and authentically represents you, so take your time deciding–after all, it’s an investment and something designed to last for many years.

Don’t Forget The Quality of The Sheets

In the process of picking out the perfect monogram, it can be easy to forget about something just as important: the sheets themselves. More specifically, you want to ensure the quality, which will also have an impact on the overall look of the monogram. Do a little research beforehand and pinpoint what sheet material and thread count you find the most comfortable and think will look best with the monogram.

Think About The Font

We touched a little on the importance of finding a monogram with the wording, design, and symbols you want, but it’s also worth mentioning how important it is to pick out the font that most accurately represents your style. There are often many font options to choose from, so take into account the letters in the monogram and which typeface will make them appear the most attractive.

With a little bit of research and thoughtful planning, you can easily find a monogram that will not only personalize your sheets but suit your style as well. Just don’t rush the process and be open to different options. Eventually, you will come across the best sheets and monograms for you!


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