How to Pick Out a New Bed Set Design

How to Pick Out a New Bed Set Design

With trends coming and going, it can leave some unanswered questions when shopping for anything from clothes to bedding. Are ruffles and flowers back in style? What about checkered bright colors like in the '90s? Or should I be using all white? These are all common questions asked by people faced with choosing a new bed set. Relax. What’s right for you may not be right for someone else, so don’t be afraid to choose a bed set that may not necessarily be in-style. Just focus on your preferences, the color of your bedroom walls, and the time of year, and you’ll be fine! Nonetheless, here are some tips for picking out a new design bed set for every bedroom in your home.

For the Always On-Trend Type

Whether you like to always be in style or you simply like to change the look of your bedroom now and then, changing your bed set is an easy way to make a big impact. Duvet covers are great for this purpose because you can change them out affordably without having to invest in an entirely new duvet or comforter every time you want to change the look of things. After all, down comforters and duvets aren’t necessarily cheap. Find a duvet you like (usually basic white), and simply change the duvet cover for a fraction of the price of buying an entirely new duvet (or comforter).

For the Spare Bedroom

Spare bedrooms are great for experimenting with different looks. After all, if you’re not entirely sure you like a particular bed set, you can always put it in the spare bedroom to see if it grows on you. While there’s nothing wrong with just throwing together a spare bed with whatever you happen to have handy when guests drop in, wouldn’t they be impressed and more comfortable with a bed that looked welcoming and ready to jump into? Have some fun with your spare bedroom. Show it off with a cute bed set that shows another side of your personality.

For Kids

When choosing the right kids’ bedding, remember that some kids don’t mind how their bed looks at all, while others can be quite particular. The particular ones may prefer one color or character one month and then completely change their mind the next. While it can be fun to let them help you choose a bed set just for them, keep in mind you may be asked to change it again sooner than you’d like. As such, when choosing a bed set for kids, it may be best to choose a variety of different elements: sheets that are a different color than the comforter, and pillowcases that are a different color than both the sheets and comforter. Mixing it up means they won’t be overwhelmed with one singular color (that they’re soon to get tired of) dominating the look of their room.

For Summer

Summer is a fun time to experiment with bright, happy yellows, blues, and greens — all the colors you can find in a typical summer landscape. You can’t help but feel happy when you walk into a bedroom with cheerful sunny colors. Even if you stick with basic white, brightening up the bed with some colorful throw pillows and blankets can make quite an impact. In terms of sheets, cotton bed sheets are ideal for summer because they can wick away moisture and keep your skin nice and cool instead of sweaty. Look for Supima cotton, which is the best cotton made in the United States (only 3% of U.S. cotton crops qualify as Supima cotton).

For Winter

The comfy lightweight bed set that helps you fall asleep comfortably in the summertime is certainly different than what you’ll want to cover up with in the wintertime. If you live in a climate with cold winters, you likely know the ritual of pulling out the winter duvet or comforter or piling on extra blankets to stay warm. If your comforter or duvet is somewhere between heavy and lightweight, and you just need a little bit of added warmth and softness, some flannel sheets are your answer. Brushed flannel is super soft and welcoming when the temperature drops, and it has a way of warming you up without making you feel too hot.

While there aren’t necessarily right or wrong ways to choose a bed set, keeping a few tips in mind can help ensure you aren’t disappointed in your choices. Don’t forget to account for the changes in seasons. Heavier bedding is often necessary for winter. Also, people often prefer an altogether different “look” when the seasons change. Nonetheless, don’t be afraid to experiment and do whatever it takes to affordably choose a bed set that makes you look forward to catching some sleep.


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