How to Personalize a Gift for Your Mom This Mother's Day

On Mother’s Day, we celebrate the most important woman in the entire world: Mom. You’ve been through so many good times, and she’s seen you through a few bad times, too. Even when you’re miles apart, you’re forever in her heart. In fact, it’s highly likely she’s thinking about you at this very moment. While the argument has been made that we should have Mother’s Month, we have to somehow express our love for Mom in one day. How can you give her a gift that will touch her heart long after Mother’s Day is crossed off the calendar? Well, the best way to make it count is to get her a personalized gift this year. “Momograms” (aka “monograms”) just may be the simplest solution you never quite thought of.

Can a Monogram Commemorate Mom’s Special Days?

Without fail, Mom has an entire registry of significant dates memorized. Her wedding anniversary, your birthday, the day she closed on the house, the day she knew she was cancer-free, when she ran that marathon, the day she started her business… Pinpointing which date to monogram can be a little tough. Your best bet is to choose the one (of the ones) with the greatest significance to the both of you. A monogrammed button-up shirt with an important date is a sweet way to commemorate monumental life moments and let Mom know you care.

Do Nicknames Make Good Monograms?

Absolutely. Chances are your mother already has a name that inspires all kinds of iterations. She may be a Margaret on paper, but she goes by Marge, Peg, Mags, Midge, Mom, Mama…or some other permutation set forth by an ever-fluctuating combination of letters and personality traits. Her nicknames illuminate her personality. To her friends she’s one, to her coworkers she’s another, to her family she’s something else entirely. When creating her monogram, consider where she will most likely wear it and who will probably be by her side. For example, you might put her nickname on a turtleneck that she’ll gladly wear when she hangs out with her dearest friends. Likewise, you may find it best to monogram a blanket or robe with your special name for her to create a personalized gift that’s heartwarming (both figuratively and literally).

What is the Best Way to Monogram a Special Message?

Do you and your mother have a special quote you live by? A “Momtra” (mantra), if you will. Why not turn it into a monogram? Live4 2day. B happy (with an embroidered bee image). Generally, you can customize up to three lines with 10 characters on each. However, when it comes to monograms, you may find that you agree, the shorter and cleverer, the better. Feeling poetic? Get your haiku ready and call in to customer service to make sure your phrase, motto, or mantra works for the clothing item that has Mom written all over it. Getting it right will be worth your while and will give Mom something fun to point out to her friends every time she wears it.

Can Icons be Embroidered?

Yes, and they couldn’t be easier to incorporate into your personalized gift. There are loads of embroidery options that you can add to practically everything from turtlenecks and sweatshirts, to blanket and bath towels. Even the smallest icons can make a big statement. Before you commit to an icon, reflect upon a few Mom-related questions. What are Mom’s hobbies? Golfing, tennis, camping, sailing? How about her childhood pet? Current pet? Favorite pet? Even if she loves narwhals, there’s an icon for that. It’s an impressive and eclectic selection. So, take your time and choose wisely.

Do Sports Numbers Work as a Monogram?

Think back to all those times Mom picked you up, dropped you off, and stayed to watch you play sports. She always looked out on the field for that number on your back and cheered proudly when you did something good. (She also cringed every time things didn’t go your way, and spent a small fortune trying to find a washing method strong enough to tackle your stink and stains.) Taking a little walk down memory lane with Mom is a fun lead-in to gifting her something she’s sure to love: your number monogrammed on a cozy throw blanket or sweatshirt.

Is There a Way to Monogram and Embroider?

If you’re torn between an icon and Mom’s initials, you’ll be relieved to find out you actually don’t have to choose one or the other. You can absolutely include both. A monogram with embroidery is a double whammy when it comes to personalizing the perfect gift for Mom.


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