How to Pack for Vacation Airport Travel

How to Pack for Vacation Airport Travel

Airport travel is already stressful enough as it is, and sometimes just going through the airport can leave you exhausted and in need of another vacation! Mastering the art of packing for airport travel can make your vacation experience even more relaxing, enjoyable, and, most importantly, stress-free. Here are some useful tips on properly packing your women’s travel bag for all of your vacation airport travel endeavors.

Can’t Live Without It? Carry It On!

Having your bags well organized can make the process of packing and unpacking for a vacation feel like a walk in the park. One of the first things you should do to better organize your baggage is to delegate what items belong in your carry-on.

Carry-on bags are great for storing both your belongings that you use on a regular basis and lightweight items that’ll leave more room in your suitcase. When packing your carry-on, you’ll want to include items you know you’ll want access to for those long waits during airport travel. Waiting to board, take off, land, and exit the aircraft can be a pleasant experience by having some well-thought-out items to help you pass the time.

Bringing a comfortable and functional bag that has lots of pockets for storage will provide you with plenty of space to fit that new book or magazine you’ve been excited to read, your mobile devices to play a few games, any chargers necessary for your devices, and some snacks to hold you over until you reach your destination.

Packing a few lightweight outfits in your carry-on bag can help free up some space in your suitcase as well as give you some backup options, such as a packable jersey dress in the event that things don’t go quite as planned. Air travel has its risks, and you never know if your luggage might be delayed in its arrival, or if you might spill your coffee while trying to rush to your gate before departure. Any medications you need on a daily basis are also something that should be packed in your carry-on to make sure that you can be healthy and carefree for your vacation. Especially for shorter trips, utilizing toiletry bags to store those soap, makeup, and lotion bottles in your carry-on (that adhere to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)’s size requirements, of course) can give you the reassurance that even if your luggage is lost, your skincare routine doesn’t have to be.

Layer up to Lighten the Load

If you’re looking for ways to stay warm while looking cool during your airport travels, layering to lighten the load in your luggage is the way to go. Wear a T-shirt with comfy sweats or leggings and don’t forget your sweatshirts or hoodies for women in case it gets chilly on the flight. If you’re traveling someplace where you’ll need a heavier jacket, you’ll want to save the space in your suitcase and show off that coat before you even arrive at your destination. Wearing lots of layers to the airport will alleviate some of the weight from your checked and carry-on bags. This gives you the opportunity to stay cozy in the blasting A/C of the airport or shed some of that warmth if the plane is feeling a bit too stuffy before takeoff.

Be Organized with Your Baggage

When stuffing your suitcase before vacation airport travel, you’ll be able to store a lot more if you’re strategic in where and how you place your items. Rolling up your clothing efficiently condenses the space your garments take up in your bags and allows you to pack more outfit options during your vacation. Having more options is great, but try not to overpack in pursuit of those alternate outfits. Pack only the items you know you’ll wear more than once. Solid-colored basics, such as comfortable women's tank tops, shirts for layering, or elegant sweaters that’ll match with just about anything make great, practical vacation attire. Another way to pack the perfect amount of clothing is to plan out your wardrobe for each day of your trip ahead of time (while keeping in mind that you can rewear those cute pants or pack your favorite neutral-colored jacket instead of cramming a couple of coats into your bag). Assuming you have some idea of what each day of your vacation will entail, having a cute, comfortable, and functional outfit can make the experience even more exciting.

Happy Travels

Alleviate some of the stress of airport travel by packing the perfect amount of clothing, toiletries, and accessories for your vacation. Packing smart and organizing from the start is the best way to avoid over or underpacking, give you plenty of outfit options to choose from, and make sure that your vacation truly feels like a vacation.


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