How to Pack for a Summer Family Vacation

How to Pack for a Summer Family Vacation

Now that the plane tickets are booked and hotel rooms are reserved, it's time to take care of the minor details that will make a big difference in your comfort during your vacation. What you pack and how much you bring can help you fully enjoy your destination. But how do you pack efficiently when it's for a whole family?

This guide will show you what type of clothing and other essentials to bring so that you have exactly what is useful without any clutter. Here are some quick tips on how to pack for a summer family vacation.

Make a List — and Stick to It!

What you need to pack depends on how far you're traveling and how long you're going to stay. For instance, a weekend trip may require just a duffle bag with a couple of outfits and a few toiletries. If you plan to fly, you'll just need a small carry-on bag. Kids can also get away with packing a weekend's worth of clothing and toys in their backpacks. However, if you need to go on a trip that lasts more than a week, expect to bring some checked luggage or pack your carry-on luggage with the bare minimum of things you might need.

It's possible to bring a carry-on with a week's worth of clothing if you use a capsule wardrobe, which involves a few sets of basics that can be worn with each other in different ways. Be ready to repeat some staple items like women’s shorts and to bring a versatile item like one of your women’s cardigans to act as an emergency piece for cool nights and air-conditioned environments.

Get Everybody Involved

Your family is a team, so no one should be doing the packing alone. Responsibilities should be allocated according to your kids' maturity and everyone's availability. For instance, if you have mostly small children, it may be easier to pack the kids' luggage while they are napping or at school. If the kids are older, give them a list so that they're responsible to pack what they need. This gives them ownership over their belongings and teaches them important life skills.

To eliminate any surprises, do a final check before a child's suitcase is zipped up. Go over the list of essentials so that your kids don't miss anything, such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, and a certain amount of underwear and outfits for each day. It's also a good idea to pack at least one device per child with the appropriate charger to provide entertainment during long waits. Remember the headphones, too, or else unhappy traveling companions may complain about the volume. When everybody gets involved in the process, one person isn't overly burdened with the responsibilities.

Plan for Your Hobbies

Even the most beautiful destination can become boring, so ready to engage in your favorite hobbies. Make room in your luggage for a book, or your athletic shorts and sneakers for your beloved morning jogs, or whatever will help you fully recharge, relax, and reconnect with who you are. You spend most of your life working and taking care of others, so cherish your hobbies and make time for them during your summer vacation.

When it comes to your little ones, accounting for their toys and devices is critical for long waits at the airport, security checks, and other unusual interruptions that can cause stress in younger children. Whether it's a special app on a device or a new toy that your child can open while on the plane, pack what your child needs to stay calm during these transitions.

Dress for the Weather

When you're packing for a vacation that is in a different climate, check the weather when you start planning and again a few days before your departure so that you can get a more accurate read of what to expect. This will help you determine whether you need to pack a pair of women's jeans for a rainy day or if you need an extra swimsuit for some piping hot days at the beach. There's nothing worse than packing something for your typical weather only to find it's too hot or too cold for your taste at your destination. Even in the summer, different areas of the world can have unique temperatures, so do your research.

By packing your suitcase strategically and sharing the load in the preparation, you can have your most enjoyable family vacation yet. Find everything you need for your upcoming vacation at Lands’ End.


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